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How is pure play different from other e-com websites?

How is pure play different from other e-com websites?

The biggest difference between “pure play” e-stores and others is that they don’t have multiple levels of navigation.

There are no links in your pages to take users away from what they want to do, or inform them about topics outside of buying a product.

These include account creation, login, customer service, delivery information, etc. All of this can be found at the top of the page if you visit a store.

By having all these options built into one location, you are able to provide customers with a very personalized experience. You are also saving customers time by not requiring they go elsewhere (to another website) to find help with purchases, accounts, travel plans, etc.

Why do you need to be verified by pure play?

Why do you need to be verified by pure play?

You must be verified because you have no other choices!

Being unverified is like having no credit card or bank account — there are many things that you can’t buy, and few places that will accept your money without it.

You also don’t want your information out there for everyone to see (including people who shouldn’t have it).

Once someone gets access to your personal info, they can take out loans using their own name instead of yours, use both our accounts and yours, etc.

It’s very difficult to keep track of all your accounts when doing everything yourself, so we created this process to help make it easier.

We handle the signing up for each new account and setting up your password. Then once you're approved, we’ll send you a link to this e-mail where you can input your financial data into the system.

This makes it easy not only when buying a gift, but when creating an Amazon store, downloading receipts, or registering for any other online transaction with your payment method.

What happens when I get validated by pure play?

What happens when I get validated by pure play?

When customers come into your business, you want them to feel comfortable and confident in their purchase. You don’t want them to worry about whether or not they can trust you with them because you’re going to charge too much.

You want people to trust you enough to give them money, but you also need to be responsible and keep your prices reasonable.

When someone trusts you enough to buy from you, it means that they know you and have kind of bought into what you do. Once you no longer make yourself available to sell to these people, they will go looking for another seller.

That’s why selling through other companies is important. It gives you exposure to new audiences and helps grow your business.

There are many benefits to selling through others. You just have to choose which route is best for you.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Many countries require online retailers to collect taxes for the government. In addition, some states in the US require taxes be collected for businesses operating within their borders.

There are two ways you can go about collecting taxes. You can hire someone else to handle it for you, or you can process the transaction yourself known as self-collecting.

If you use an inventory system, then you may not want to worry about processing orders yourself. Let the company that handles your shipment pick up any state income taxes for you.

In terms of cost, letting the company that handles your shipping take care of this usually costs more than doing it yourself. However, considering that you’ll be paying someone else, it makes sense to let them do a good job at it.

It also depends how much money you make. If you find you're making a lot of cash, then you may decide to spend enough extra to have it handled by professionals.

Finally, there is no guarantee that the people you choose to ship with will actually pay the taxes due date. Don't risk having your shipments stopped because payments are late or the funds don't exist to cover those expenses.

Do some research before choosing a carrier who claims to offer quality service. Read reviews, ask other business owners if they would recommend the company. A few simple clicks after hiring a delivery driver should get your taxes taken out.

Can my customers use code?

One of the greatest things about pure play is that you don’t have to charge your clients for signup fees or training. You can provide them with free tools and techniques to build a website, drive traffic their way and collect sales tax if needed.

All of this is done through an interface like SharePoint, so they are able to get onto the site quickly with little effort.

Once the client has signed up, finished browsing other products and services from you, they become your customer and buy from someone else. Your job as the marketer has already been done when you sold the product!

A large part of growing any business is converting people who visit the site into buyers. The easiest way to do this is by providing good content. Having a great homepage will help, but the best way is having reviews of each product.

People want to know what others have said about a product before buying it. Social media is also a major tool in getting feedback out there. Word of mouth is still the most effective way to convert new users into regular buyers.

What privacy statement does pure play have?

What privacy statement does pure play have?

Getting to know your customers is one of the most important things when it comes to selling products online. With that said, not every company has “privacy statements” which tell people what they are doing.

There is no standard way to disclose how we may use information you share with us. We will put out plain language versions of our policies, but we might also just use form letters or give users the option to contact us if they want more detail.

When it comes to protecting your customer data, there is really no official policy for purée e-commerce. You would need to trust us that we won’t do anything wrong while being very careful not to let anyone else access your user's data without their permission.

Does pure play hold my payment information?

Does pure play hold my payment information?

Yes, at the end of the online checkout process, you will be directed to an account holder page where your name, email address, and shipping info is entered. After entering this information, you’ll then be asked to create a password before being redirected back to the member area.

Here you can see all of your contact details as well as order history and any promotional materials such as unique messages or emails from the company.

You can also browse profiles for other users that share similar interests and ideas. Once you have registered an account, you can start shopping using our safe encrypted system.

We don't store your credit card data, we only has your first and last name.

Will my order process ever change?

Will my order process ever change?

We’re constantly improving your shopping experience. Recently, we’ve been working on making it easier to access your shipping information and choices for delivery of your order.

We’ll also be coming up with new ways to quickly find what you’re looking for in our catalogs and website.

Keep checking back because things are always changing. Our goal is that going into an order feels as easy peasy as possible. And by having great customer service, they always want to hear from us.">


Who owns the product once shipped?

Who owns the product once shipped?

Upon completing the purchase of your Zero Limit Product, you will be given the option to have it sent directly to your mailbox within 24 hours.

This is just one of many options that we have for receiving your product quickly.

Once you receive your letter or email announcing the arrival of your package, open your mailbox and look through the contents.

You will find two things:

  1. A prepaid FedEx shipping label attached to an invoice itemizing all the items ordered; and
  2. An information sheet about claiming your free product.

Follow the directions listed on the invoice and information sheet to submit your claim. Once yours goes up online, they start popping up in other locations too, so keep checking for more opportunities to get what you’re hoping for!

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