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The first step to better seo is tracking your website’s backlinks

This refers to the number of websites that link to yours, either by name or through web addresses like “/about us” or even via articles that reference your site.

The more sites that refer to you using your domain name, the higher your ranking in search results will be.

Search engines select keywords from links, with the most popular ones being your webpage title and meta description.

Quality not quantity

Quality not quantity

Once you have created backlinks to your website, it is important to keep loading them with valuable content. People want what they can’t get, which is why fluffing your links will only go so far.

Launching new websites or products? Then don’t forget to link to them from your site if you think they’ll help their search engine ranking.

Content is key, but for some sites, additional assets (such as samples/videos etc.) may also help increase rankings.

However, do not overdo it. People hate overdone stuff and that includes yourself. Keep providing quality content including videos, blogs, and other features of your site/blog.

Google loves quality content, in fact, its one of the primary ways she finds my website among all the others.

Make sure that all of your links are certified and that their reputation is at least as good as yours

Make sure that all of your links are certified and that their reputation is at least as good as yours

There’s no such thing as ‘pre-approved’ backlinks, which means you should avoid doing this at all costs!

Google has made it very clear that they dislike purchased backlinks. Why? Because they can appear to be an advertisement or sales pitch for something else.

Backlinks without dates have zero value. Zero. All other backlinks with no date were created before this one.

If someone tries to sell you a backlink with no date, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. It’ll make sense when you read the next section.

Buybacklinks.com injects fake backlinks onto your website to trick Google into thinking there is a higher ranking than there actually is

These injections happen frequently, every day, making them a potential risk to your site’s health from both hackers and spammers.

Old content will get you far in search results

Old content will get you far in search results

Often web users scan news articles to see if there are any interesting topics that they might want to read more carefully. If your website has old information, people may stop looking once they find some older article or review that interests them.

Newer articles always attract more clicks because people who are researching what to read also start at an age where they don’t need/want to keep up with new developments.

Give readers a reason to care. Your best bet is to use good writing and research to educate someone about a topic so they can make a decision of whether it affects them or not.

It works well for reviews as long as things have been tested and reviewed and other people know that they can trust the review. Educate others so they can do their own research and make decisions for themselves.

Keep your pages updated with new content

Keep your pages updated with new content

If you have a page that is not changing much, then other sources of traffic may be more appropriate for getting rank improvement. Having fresh content is one of the best ways to get more organic search engine results.

The internet is constantly growing now days. With every passing day, there are more websites that are being created. Since it’s so easy to create website these days, people do it all the time.

There are dozens of services available via the web that can help you create or update a webpage within minutes. You will find tools to develop anything from an idea into a full-fledged project in several categories including flash, html, and plain text.

Keep up with the latest technologies by keeping an eye on what others are using to make their projects better. Then use those strategies to improve your own site.

You can read about trending website designs to keep yourself inspired. There are many free tutorials online that can help you build a website.

Consider hiring someone to design and build a website for you or hire a professional company to handle everything for you.

Having a professionally designed and built website will increase your chances of reaching top rankings which means more visitors to your site. More visitors mean greater opportunities to converse with your audience, share information, and promote events.

Be consistent throughout your site

Be consistent throughout your site

Ranking problems are mostly caused by having inconsistent data in your site. If you have multiple copies of web pages with different issues, then they can lose out to one another in ranking.

It’s also difficult for search engines to evaluate each page individually. How do you know which set of values is the correct ones?

By being consistent, you help guarantee that all pages give the same information. And it makes it easier for search engines to pick up your content.

But how much difference does consistency make? According to research conducted by two top universities (Harvard University and Stanford University), maintaining a single copy of an online article within a website improves reading speed by more than half.

Also, as websites consistently gain user interest, they become more likely to remain ranked higher in search results.

However, paying attention to certain rules will maintain your current position in search rankings. You also want to focus on doing things that no one else is doing so that you reach new heights and achieve something remarkable.

Your resources should be devoted to improving where necessary

Your resources should be devoted to improving where necessary

Of all the things you can do to increase your website’s visibility in search engines, backlinks come at a premium. That is because backlinks are an endorsement of some kind coming from another site.

Most sites have one central index (Google), Bing or Yahoo! Webmaster Tools , where you can track your backlinks. You also may have access to something like “Open Site Explorer” – it’s a tool created by Moz that lets you get to know about any web page including your own.

Another good thing about backlinks is that they’re free. All you have to do is find other websites that seem relevant to your topic and try to put yourself into their shoes.

Are they referring to one of your pages or posts? Do these referrers show up when you search for information related to your topic? If so, then you’ve got a candidate for a backlink.

It doesn’t even have to be your site that finds links elsewhere. Other people work hard to build connections with others who write content surrounding a certain topic.

Design fast loading websites

Design fast loading websites

With the popularity of mobile use, more and more people are surfing the web from smartphones and other mobile devices. Having a website that can be easily accessed via any device is becoming increasingly important.

This applies to both normal users as well as business owners. It’s not enough just to have a website; you need to make sure it performs well on all platforms with the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness.

If your site is slow to load or doesn’t perform at all on mobile devices, chances are very good that visitors will become impatient and go somewhere else.

And when it comes to search engines, patience is key! How many times has someone told you that you need yonkt/blog page to find out what google means by “page rank”? That number should tell you right there that getting backlinks is very difficult.

But don’t worry, we know how to help you get those backlinks! Here at Linkbuildingpipeline.com we put together an entirely free package of content to attract links to your webpage. But they better work hard because this takes time.

There are thousands of websites that want to link to yours but none of them want to pay for advertising. So how do you get paid off? You networkize yourself, that’s how. Networking is one of the most powerful ways to find other businesses in order to build connections and potentially earn money doing things such as sharing commissions with others or selling their products.

Use quality text images, icons or videos

Use quality text images, icons or videos

It’s hard to make a good image or video, so when you do, it shows. The best way to use them is in your content.

You should try to include one image per page for large paragraphs, and two images each for small blocks of text.

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes – how much sense does it make if I am reading this article and there are pictures right beside me? Or my child is looking at these pictures and trying to understand what they mean?

Not very much! That is why bullets are used in writing. You will have to rely more on bullets than links because only bullets can help with seo. Links only help when someone clicks on them.

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