What Is Seo Based Content Writing

The importance of having web content written by a professional writer

All too often, businesses invest large sums of money on advertising or marketing services to increase traffic to their website. However, according to experts, producing quality content is one of the most effective ways to improve your SEO (search engine optimization).

Your content must be informative and useful, with clear headlines that appeal to the reader. Whether you’re writing an article or doing a video, you should ensure that it is as concise as possible.

Writers trained in SEO and experience in blogging will have all the tools necessary to create high-quality content that will help you gain followers and bring in revenue.

Keyword research and writing

Keyword research and writing

Although it may seem that keyword analysis is done once you have your list of keywords, this isn’t true. You need to go back to your original search engine results page (seosite) and make a note of all keyphrases that had relative importance along with their position in the document.

Your job now is to ensure that throughout the entire content creation process, you use these keyphrases to avoid going through an automated tool to repeat them.

You can then start making notes about how many times each word was used and which file you need to revise for repetition. After doing some basic research, you will know where to find the appropriate files.

This initial step is very important as you don’t want to risk turning off the bots by using too few key phrases or getting blocked by webpages containing excessive ads or promotional messages. The latter could hurt your rankings even if the rest of your site is optimized for seo.

Create keyword rich pages

Create keyword rich pages

This is one of the most important things to do when creating content for your website. If you have an article, make it more than just a sentence or two with keywords. Make it flow and be readable so people can understand what you are saying.

The better quality our articles are, the higher they will rank in search results. Unfortunately, many new writers think that adding lots of jargon and fluff is going to give their work great value and importance.

This is not only useless, but also annoys readers who cannot follow complex sentences. You want your writing to be understandable by as large an audience as possible.

Search engines like Google prefer keywords to be used sparingly to avoid overwhelming visitors and making reading difficult. A recent study shows that excessive use of ads throughout a web page reduces reader experience by up to 4 minutes.

Writing high-quality content takes time, effort and expertise. Don’t worry about using too many keywords or trying to add value without value; write naturally and users will come back if the content is good.

Choose your keywords

Choose your keywords

When you’re ready to publish your content, choose several keyword phrases that are easily readable, with their corresponding bullets.

Your keywords should be specific, but not too specific. Keyword phrases that tell someone what the article is about (called topic words) will help them find it in a search engine.

However, if you use only one keyword phrase, then the reader may think you have written an article on that particular topic. You also don’t want your readers to get to the end of the article and realize they already know everything you just wrote.

That’s why more and more people are searching for “top 10 lists” to provide easier access to different topics.

Search listicles from reputable sources to add authority to your articles. The better your material is, the more likely it will be found by users.

Content marketing team can work hard to create relevant and useful content for you and your audience.

It’s your job to generate all the necessary materials and presentations to promote the brand and product. It requires working with other departments such as communications or social media to ensure the right messages are being sent and distributed properly.

Keywords are used by search engines to determine what web pages are most important and relevant to a given subject. By including appropriate keywords in your writing, you’ll achieve a higher ranking and more traffic when visitors search for items using the internet.

Use synonyms

Use synonyms

The words you use in your content tend to be repeated often. Using a lot of unique terms can seem like you’re trying too hard to “stand out” from other authors.

That is, when you use duplicate words.

You should definitely not be using reams of duplicated words within an article or page. It will only confuse the reader, as well as Google, which tries to index everything about a topic.

Instead, try using some alternative words that refer to the same thing. For example, replace each occurrence of "get" with "access", etc.

Also substitute specific names for general terms (e.g. place instead of city, state or region instead of area). You'll also have better luck searching for people rather than animals.

Finally, consider making up word combinations that are clearly defined. For example, take two words that mean completely opposite things; combine them together and then put them into one document to get a combined meaning.

Or make a new definition to add to a familiar phrase. Here are some tips for creating original content:

Keep formatting simple, clean and modern. Also keep links under control by including all linked information in body text. Avoid graphics when possible.

They reduce efficiency and lead to editing more slowly. Finally, they are less likely to work regularly because users don’t expect them and turn off tracking features.


If you must use graphics, however, ensure that the images are small in file size and resolution. Resize every image separately if needed. Minify it if you upload many graphic files at once.

Don't worry about grammar

Don't worry about grammar

Even though you may not consider yourself an expert at writing, there are many ways to improve your content. You can start by proofreading for common errors, such as using “your” when you mean “our” or using “there” when you mean “here.”

Then, it is important to know what people will respond to more positively when reading your content.

Your headlines should be relevant and informative, but they shouldn’t take up too much space. Similarly, your subheads should provide additional information, but don’t need to take over the page.

Put thought into how you write your content; while it needs to appeal to the reader, it also has to be professional.

There are various new editing tools that can help you write better content, including Grammarly and Typing Plan.

However, any tool that helps you edit language is helpful, so if you already have one editor/proofreader, then you do not need to buy another one.

Publish your work

Publish your work

Once you’ve finished writing your content, you should publish it. You should choose relevant publications to which you will submit your work.

It is best to pick one or two high-quality sources of publication before promoting your work. Submitting similar work from different sources without permission may hurt your reputation.

Publishing your work in places like websites, blogs, social media accounts, etc. can help spread the word about your work and increase traffic to your website.

Publishing where people tend to look for original content gives your work more exposure and helps your website more, improving your search engine ranking.

There are dozens of publishing venues available that allow free distribution of all types of quality content. Through third-party platforms, you can promote your work quickly and easily.

Each platform has its own requirements regarding what type of content they accept and how theming might be required. By using these services, you not only get yourself published, but also receive appropriate links and attention to your work.

Link building is an important part of web marketing and can get your work seen by larger audiences, at which point customers need to trust your work enough to buy it.

More topics to consider when you are starting a website content writing business

More topics to consider when you are starting a website content writing business

There are several things your business needs to understand about getting into this career path. You need to know what being an online writer is like, how much work you will have, and who you can hire to help you out.

There are some fantastic articles that give helpful information for new writers!

You can also go to events were people teach each other their skillsets. Or you can connect with others through forums that interest you.

By going into this profession vertically, you will be able to start off where you left off, instead of having to begin at zero everywhere except for your writings. People will trust your contributions more since they know you’re serious about the subject matter.

That way, when visitors come looking for specific content, there is a better chance that they will find it in your articles. Better yet, you can show them something they haven’t seen before and make it interesting.

Give yourself opportunities to write quality content outside of just websites. Write posts on social media sites such as facebook or twitter. Add links to blogs you think would appeal to your audience.

The possibilities are limitless. Just ensure that you are producing high-quality content that keeps those reading it interested.

How to market yourself as a online freelance writer

How to market yourself as a online freelance writer

As an online freelancer, you have many options for reaching out to potential clients

You can use social media, such as LinkedIn or Facebook; search engines, like Google and Bing; company websites that are looking for contributors; other businesses who might need writing services; and guides written in your field of expertise.

These are all great ways to attract traffic to your content and promote your writing skills.

But before you start contacting people directly, it’s important to understand the online professional networking systems so you know where to reach these people.

Online networking sites not only help you get more customers, they also help keep your name fresh and available when someone needs work done.

Two of the most popular network sites are Twitter and Linkedin. Let’s look at how to use them to enhance your blogging efforts.

Follow twitter users! One simple way to do this is by clicking onto the profile picture associated with each user (the little icon near their name that reads “ follow)”. By doing this, you will find out about what that user has been up to and what they are interested in. You can then decide if there is any value in having a conversation with them.

Keep in mind that no one person holds every interest. People are very different today than they were five years ago. It used to be more obvious what people wanted and needed, but now consumers can spend hours browsing online for things that match their interests.

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