What Is Seo Writing Example

The purpose of seo writing

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As you’re probably well aware, written content is what attracts people to read an article. With seo writing, you write about real topics that have true relevance to your audience. You also use language that is persuasive, as well as informative.

With relevant topic posting, you are already beginning with page optimization methods because users will know how to find your articles! (if they don’t, no one is helping them). Your goal is to inform and persuade someone to do something after reading your article.

And if you use headlines and subheads which further persuades them to take action, then you’ve successfully optimized your article for search engines.

But it doesn’t end there.

You also want your posts to be motivating, insightful, and most important, meaningful. Why would anyone need to read your article? Because you wrote validly about a subject that matters to them.

That means you should avoid focusing on style over substance. Your reader should leave feeling confident, like she learned something new or was motivated to act.

Your job as a writer is not to push them to action — but to engage them. How do you do this?

Headlines and subheads work very well for seo writing, making pages more readable. And according to various studies, when readers see words on a page coming from another section, they forget up to 50% of what they just read.

So keep these paragraphs short and simple. Foregoing graphics helps too. They break up text and make it easier to scan.

We love stories. We live in a culture where feelings and emotions are shared and brought out in public. When we're told a story, we believe it and think about it, and sometimes feel something--we experience it.

Stories can be told in many different ways; some are stories that deserve consideration, other are things that play tricks to hook you into believing something fun or entertaining is happening.


There's a reason folklore, mythology, and legends are called myths. It indicates a lack of belief in reality as we currently understand it. Myths exist in their own separate realm, where other truths get in the way of their being accurate descriptions of reality.

They aren't meant to actually happen, but may lead men and women down certain paths in life. Sometimes those pathways lead them to achieve great success, and others to fail.


How to start a blog

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Having a blog is an incredible way to connect with other people, promote your ideas and products, and create a forum for discussion. All of these things can be achieved through blogging.

To set up a blog you need to use a website hosting service, such as wordpress.com or WordPress. Or you can use a platform like dropblog.net/

After having the site published for a while, it’s time to get visitors. The easiest way to do this is via google. Search for “wordpress tips & tricks” or take us a look at some of the blogs out there.

Some good ways to get traffic are : [substeps] Create useful posts that solve problems or ways to achieve results. Let them speak for themselves and don’t worry about selling anything right now. People will find you and they will buy from you.

It doesn’t cost anything to search around and check out what others have posted so if you find something worth sharing, then share it! You can also choose to comment on other peoples’ posts and give yourself some exposure.

Choose a good name

what is seo writing example

A website with a great name is an impressive thing to have. It tells people something about the topic of your site, and it’s memorable.

Have you ever had someone ask you what your web name is? (Your blog address.) Most people know that it’s not easy to come up with a cool name like knitterlytips.com or josephineperry.org. However, there are ways to make them easier for humans to remember.

You want a name that will be easy for visitors to spell and type in. You also need to take into account how others may refer to you, both formally and informally.

For example, if you go by Amy, consider adding “Amy” to your full name instead of just your blogging nickname. The more times you repeat it, the better.

In formal settings (e.g., interviews), having a long, unique name is much more acceptable than in informal situations. In any case, a short but unique name is your best bet.

And above all else, have fun! Names become habits, and once you get a name tag at work or a username at Facebook, you’ll love having a name.

Have original content ready

what is seo writing example

Google wants to see fresh, original content in your blog posts. It’s easy to get distracted with social media and what we do for a living, so take time to build original articles that you know will be good.

Your blogs should have at least three unique originals. Your friends might like them too but it is not enough.

Google considers all pages that are duplicate (including videos, images, et al) and how much traffic they send out.

More important than having original content is making sure people can find your website through search engines. You want web visitors to discover your content, and vice versa.

Make it interesting and necessary; otherwise, people will simply ignore your page.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes before you write an article or tweet. Is the title clear? Does the text give away the main idea? How well did the author explain their topic? Check for these things and more as you write your tweets and articles.

Newsworthiness is something that grabs readers and holds their attention, which is why top bloggers always have fresh content. Create dynamic pieces based on current events and other topics related to your chosen profession.

Bloggers prefer writing about stories that reflect reality while also creating an entertaining story. For example, talk about recent trends without talking down to your reader.

Give tips on how to improve life together with advice on managing relationships, including friendships and family relations.

It helps if you use real names and words when speaking to each other. The online community won’t forgive you.

They’ll consider you less professional later on. Get back up there and promote your blog!

Know your audience

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In order to know how you should write an article, you have to understand your audience. Who are they? What is their interest? How do they read? These questions can help you figure out what style of writing to use.

If your audience is people who want to learn about cooking, for example, you will need to communicate with them using language they can understand. You also need to make sure that there’s enough information in the page to justify calling it an “article”.

Consider the purpose of the content you’re creating. Why would someone want to read this particular piece of text? Does it fulfill that reason better than another one? It’s important to first consider why someone would want to read your text before trying to write a paragraph based on those reasons.

Reference your site in every ad you place

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More often than not, ads placed by businesses serve to attract new customers. If people can see your product or service right off the page, they may feel more inclined to buy what you are offering if it meets their needs.

It is also important to note that visual content like photos and graphs can help readers get a sense of how good your business’s products or services are.

If you have videos or webinars, having some form of media interaction helps bring attention to them. Your website and its pages need to be thorough and informative but always refelct the type of business you run and the types of things you do.

Having an organized looking directory with all your articles indexed and referenced properly will make it easier for visitors and potential buyers to find information about your business and his purchase decisions.

Offer a free download

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Thank your readers for visiting you site. Give them something of value to access directly from your website if they have a reason to visit.

Whether it’s a free e-book, a newsletter or even a guide that will help them, just give them a chance to become a fan.

It is hard work building an online community, so don’t expect people to immediately come looking for your content. It takes time to provide quality material, plus you have to ask others to share your work.

But one thing that won’t take time is promoting your other projects and ideas. People will keep coming back to your website and page to find out more about what you are offering.

The best way to promote yourself is by being famous and talented, but not only does this cost money, it also costs time. The most effective way to make money online is by becoming well known in your field and attracting visitors to your website, products and services.

If you want to get traffic running to your website, then you need to be sure that your website is set up so that people can navigate through it easily and know what they are going to get. Then you need to use social media to create a buzz about your website and let the world know that there is a lot of valuable information to be had at your fingertips.

Provide easy readingability

what is seo writing example

After you have written your content, you need to make it easier for readers to understand what you are saying.

There are several things you can do with your writing, from making it more descriptive to using charts or examples.

You also want to avoid over-explaining things, as this makes your article read very formal. Instead, add personal touches such as real stories or quotes from friends to make your article more human.

Finally, keep in mind that not everyone is interested in your topic, so try to write about something that others find interesting too.

Use keywords naturally throughout the article

Every piece of content you write should contain one main keyword, followed by some additional keywords.

For example, if you were writing about your new dog park, there would be several reasons to include it in your website content. You could talk about how beautiful it is, how great the dogs are who go here, or why people choose to leave their children here.

You want visitors to your site to know that this is something they need to care about; this is what people searching for good places to take their pets might like to read about, and maybe even try out themselves.

Think like your readers/viewers. Who are these people? Why are they reading (or watching) this particular article or video?

Your job as writer is to put yourself in their shoes before you start typing. Most people will do that on its own, but don’t forget about it.

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