What Is the Shopify Thank You Page URL?

The Thank You page is what opens the inside of your web store when customers finally purchase a product from you.

Each order has its own “Thank You” page, which we refer to as the order status page. Customers can come back to it at a later time.

The Thank You page URL is useful for putting things like tracking scripts on it (for people who purchase your product – and to send the updates and reminders about making a second purchase!).

According to Shopify, there is no specific URL for a thank you page because it’s unique to every order. However, there are ways to find the URL so you can customize your page.

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Think about when you plan to create a custom Thank You page

It's wise to create a custom thank you page. It allows you to make a custom design and you can also insert a tracking script to track your customers after they make a purchase. This is really important to have a good sales funnel.

It is also hard to track visitor numbers, except via Google Analytics (if you’re using Google) or third-party extensions. These give you limited information, like the number of visitors who arrived through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Where can you find your Thank You page on Shopify?

Before anything else, we’d like to reiterate that there is absolutely no single Thank You page with Shopify. Every Thank You page contains a unique URL and ID which you can customize or add conversion tracking.

Here are the steps to access a Thank You page on Shopify:

  • Go to your orders.
  • Select the order you’d like to access to see the details.
  • Click “More actions.”
  • Select “View order status page” to see the thank you page.

Why should you customize your Thank You page?

Shopify’s default thank you message is pretty much clean, organized, and presentable. However, it’s too simple that customers end up not really wanting to check the rest of your products in the store.

Thus, it’s essential to prepare a customized message that would make customers feel truly loved so that they too are encouraged to further patronize your offers.

Customizing your thank you page doesn’t just improve customer experience. It will also help you generate more sales and create a good customer relationship through further engagement.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Prepare a personalized message – Don’t just stop at “thanks.” Add a heartfelt message for your customer. Throw in a motivational quote as well!
  • Offer discounts – Here, you can present coupon codes that they can claim upon their next order.
  • Show them how to track their order – A tracking number is just too complicated! Rather, include all tracking details on the thank you page to make everything crystal clear.
  • Invite them to a referral program – Make them an advocate for your online store and encourage them to bring in more people.
  • Add social media buttons – This makes it easier for customers to share their purchases and make reviews public on social media. Likewise, it could also be an avenue for them to be updated about your latest product releases and ongoing discounts.

How to boost your sales through the Thank You page


The Shopify App Store has multiple applications that can help you with almost anything you need. Since we’re talking about customizing your Thank You page and allowing it to boost your sales, there’s one app that stands out among the rest.

Shopify’s ReConvert app is used by more than 40,000 online sellers.

Everything you need to know about ReConvert

ReConvert was launched in September 2018 to help merchants get the best out of their online stores. Here’s what the app initially offers:

  • One-click upsell funnel
  • Powerful Thank You page upsell
  • Boost your AOV and checkout flow

With ReConvert, you can instantly outshine your competitors with expert-style Thank You pages, immediately deliver on-brand offers, generate advanced checkout triggers with segmentation and in-depth analytics, and launch aftersell offers within seconds. Best of all, you don’t need to be an expert to achieve all this!

Aside from multiple features, ReConvert takes it a step further by providing fast customer support with a live chat available 24/7. You can also send them an email at care@reconvert.io or call them at +1 866 792 0819.

The app integrates with the following:

  • 17Track
  • Klaviyo
  • Loox
  • SMSBump
  • MailChimp
  • 1 click upsell

If you’re curious about the app, you can try it for free with their 30-day trial. Once you’re ready to commit to a plan, here are the following options for you:

  • Pro Thank You Page at $7.99/month
  • MVP Thank You Page at $14.99/month
  • VIP Thank You Page at $29.99/month

Quick note: All charges are billed in USD, and recurring charges (monthly or usage-based) are billed every 30 days. If you want to know more, check out their FAQ page!

Increase your sales in general

A salesperson working in an office on a virtual call

Aside from taking advantage of your Thank You page URL, we prepared a bonus material to help boost your sales in general. One of the leading apps in the Shopify App Store today is Vitals.

Here’s what’s up.

Everything you need to know about Vitals

Vitals is an all-in-one marketing and sales app where you can integrate multiple apps seamlessly without slowing down your store. It was launched in March 2018 and built with the following features:

  • Import and collect product reviews.
  • Create upsell and cross-sell campaigns.
  • Convert more visitors into customers.
  • Provide live customer support chat.
  • Sell globally with multi-currency converter and geo-redirection.
  • Grow your email list with popups, announcement bars, and spin the wheel.
  • Install Facebook Pixels and shoppable Instagram gallery.
  • Build trust with social proof.
  • Reduce abandoned carts.
  • Improve SEO.

What’s more is that the app works on all Shopify themes. This includes Debutify, Brooklyn, Minimal, Shoptimized, Themeforest, and others. It also integrates with the following apps:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Klaviyo
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Instagram
  • Geolocation
  • AliExpress

You can try Vitals for a 30-day free trial or pay for a monthly plan for $29.99. The plan even has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth, you can cancel your subscription.

To contact their support, you can send them an email at help@vitals.co.


Smiling sales team working through presentation with manager

If you want to improve your online business on Shopify, learn how to retain your customers. This will guarantee more sales and referrals in a way that doesn’t require you to shell out more money just to advertise your products on the market.

Encourage your customers to patronize your products by personalizing the contents of your thank you page URL. We’ve already given you tips on how to do that. The next step would now be to take action.

Don’t just settle for a default page. Customization means putting your heart, soul, and effort to achieve success.

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