What Is The Best Writing Assistant Software?

Juice.ai can write articles automatically

What Is The Best Writing Assistant Software?

Juice.ai is one of the most popular writing assistance software because it has a very simple design and many features that increase efficiency while you work.

With Juice you can generate first drafts of articles automatically just by typing in a keyword (which is the title of your article).

That is why after setting up your preferred language, you edit the document once again to confirm your changes. Only then will the program make the edits.

There are also different tools to help you save files for the next day, find keywords for search engine optimization purposes, or keep tabs on how much you're spending. Some tools report errors in syntax, whereas others have options for autocorrect mistakes.

Jasper.ai is good if you want a writing assistant

One of the challenges that writers face is staying focused on their work. Without proper focus, they can lose track of time and deadlines, which leads to lost productivity and stress.

With software like jasper.ai, you can put give it a bit of context and it will finish your sentences.

There are several ways this works for you as a writer: when you get an idea in your head about how to word something, you can simply create an outline. You can then use this outline to create a structure for your online article or email or marketing copy.

Luckily they have a trained model for everything you'd need — hyper tuned to exactly what you need.

For writing marketing copy this is amazing. For blog writing, it is a bit cumbersome and we would recommend Juice.ai.

Copy.ai works fine for marketing copy

What Is The Best Writing Assistant Software?

Copy.ai is an AI tool specifically for writing marketing copy. They do other types of writing assistants but their marketing tool is by far the most advanced.

Another useful feature is that you can work on multiple copies at once, which is helpful when writing parallel marketing campaigns or articles.

This way, you can have several versions of each page to show different partners, clients, etc..

By having these separate drafts, you can also make updates faster. You can give them feedback with one draft instead of waiting until it’s perfect.

These help in prevent perfectionist anxiety while still getting your document finished.

GPT-3 is powerful but limited

What Is The Best Writing Assistant Software?

GPT-3 is the technology (by Open AI) which most of these companies is based on (except for Juice). Though this technology is popularized a lot, it has many drawbacks.

Its drawbacks mainly include that it limits output, censors content and costs a lot for businesses to use (which is why many businesses that use GPT-3 are expensive).

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