What Is The Cheapest Ecommerce Platform

Facebook Marketplace

If you’re already using Facebook, then there are many ways to sell products through your app.

Facebook introduced its first marketplace in 2016 for users of its main smartphone software (Instagram also has a mobile platform). The desktop version is slightly less advanced than marketplaces launched by other companies.

There are two major advantages to using Facebook as opposed to other options. First, it’s one of the most popular websites with consumers. Second, it includes methods to charge buyers.

By having customers pay both directly from their account and via credit card, businesses can effectively cover all their bases when it comes to paying.

These are called split payments. For publishers, this means they can avoid extra fees for checking accounts, or relying on paid placement instead of actual sales.

For others, it can mean being able to make smaller purchases without leaving money behind. By building a shop on Facebook, you can promote your inventory and draw in followers.

Twitter / Instagram

Twitter / Instagram

With almost all major e-commerce platforms having their own official social media accounts, shopping has never been easier! Select your preferred retailer from the different options and explore their apps to find products that you want to buy.

Each app offers up unique features and ways to purchase items. Plus, these are free!

All you have to do is sign in with your account info or password. You can also check out specific brands if you’re interested in them.

If you prefer using instagram for purchasing items, follow along with the instructions provided on the platform. Most of these same directions apply to twitter as well.

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