What Type Of Marketing Strategy Is CVS Using?

In-store events or experiences are an integral part of what makes up marketing for any business. Companies create in-store experiences to draw attention to their products and services, promote new items, facilitate product purchases, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Most people enjoy attending entertainment events like concerts or professional sports games. It is therefore natural that event marketers take advantage of this passion to promote their products and services.

Many large corporations have incorporated event marketing into their promotional strategies because it works! After all, why would anyone spend money on a bottle of water when they can win more than one hundred dollars at a scavenger hunt event?

Conventional wisdom says that giving away free things is the best way to market a product, but some companies go beyond that by creating truly engaging events that appeal to both customers and non-customers. This article will discuss two such brands: Walmart and The Container Store.

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Price marketing

what type of marketing strategy is cvs using

While most people agree that price is a powerful tool in selling, some argue it is not effective unless coupled with another type of marketing. The classic example of this is when Amazon drops its products’ prices- sometimes immediately after announcing a new product line or releasing an updated version of an existing product.

Price alone is often times too tempting for customers to ignore. So while lowering your price is a great way to gain market share, doing so all by itself will usually backfire and lose you business.

A more successful approach is what we refer to as price marketing. This is when your company drops their average buying price on one item for a given amount of time.

For instance, let's say I want to buy an iPhone XS Max from my favorite phone store. They are currently offering these phones for $449.99, which is almost half off of their normal sale price!

I would probably still go into the store and check out whether or not they have other models available at lower prices before deciding on which phone to get, but there is a good chance I would end up purchasing the newer model instead if it was offered.

Why? Because I could easily spend $450 on electronics right now and need a new smartphone, or perhaps I just wanted the newest technology and needed to make a switch.

Social media marketing

what type of marketing strategy is cvs using

For over a decade, pharmaceutical companies have used social media to connect with their customers and promote their brands. Pharmaceutical companies spend money on advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but they also use other sites like Twitter and Pinterest to spread their brand message.

Pharmaceutical companies actively monitor and respond to comments and messages about their products on these websites to determine if there are any potential problems or opportunities. If you are looking for some great discounts at your local pharmacy this winter, check out Ibotta!

Ibotta is an online service that rewards you for buying things through it by giving you direct discount coupons for those purchases. By adding the items to your cart and then using the coupon code under “Discounts”, you can get very good deals.

This article will discuss some important points about how health insurance works in America, why people may need coverage, and what types of policies are available.

Email marketing

what type of marketing strategy is cvs using

Over the past two years, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have been investing heavily in email as an effective means to advertise and market products. Product brands are sending out emails with advertisements or messages for their product. This is typically done through you as a customer being contacted directly instead of via a third party website that they use to send direct mailups or online ads.

Email marketing does not cost a lot of money unless you are doing it to reach a large audience. The average cost per 1000 people you will reach via email is around 10 dollars which makes it very affordable. It’s also more personal than advertising on television where your message may be misunderstood.

Brands will ask about things such as health concerns and symptoms related to their product, if there have ever been any alerts or warnings concerning their product, etc. By asking questions, they get information that can help them create content for their own site or promotional material.

There are many ways to implement this into practice. Some brands make you agree to receive their emails before adding you to their list.

Year-round marketing

what type of marketing strategy is cvs using

Over the past year, Channel Line Retailer CVS has made significant changes to how it markets products. No longer do they have seasonal advertisements or sales events. They instead use yearly campaigns that focus on product promotions in various ways throughout the whole year.

This way, their customers are constantly exposed to new products from CVS. This is especially helpful for people who don’t necessarily look through the store website frequently or visit at times when there aren’t too many employees around.

By having continuous exposure to CVS’s products, potential shoppers can find what they need! Not only that, but this also creates more word-of-mouth advertising for the company because people talk about what they like about a particular brand or product.

On top of that, this system allows for additional promotional opportunities. For example, if one item is running low due to less demand, then another similar product could be used as an incentive to purchase the first one.

Online ads

what type of marketing strategy is cvs using

Over the past two years, Consumer Product Companies (CPCs) have rebranded themselves as “Consumer Products and Services Providers” or “CPSPs.” Why? Because instead of selling products that help you achieve your dreams (e.g., beauty products, fitness gear), they now market services — mostly online marketing and advertising services but also some digital media buying and management services — to boost their customers’ brands.

This shift towards service marketing is what allowed CVS Health, one of the largest pharmacy-based health and wellness providers in America, to advertise for a company car.

No, it's not because someone got sick inside the car and needed expensive medical attention nor because someone stole the vehicle while you're asleep at night. It's simply because CVS offers its employees a company car program. And yes, this includes giving paid vacations and paying for gas!

It costs around $6,000 annually per employee to use their car service provider (CSPS). But with the Vantigo Employee Benefits Package, each employee receives up to $1,500 every year to spend tax free on their company car.

Not only does this benefit the employer, it benefits the individual by allowing them to save money - and time! You no longer need to search through advertisements and websites to find the best deal or know how to negotiate a discount.

Face-to-face marketing

what type of marketing strategy is cvs using

Over the past two years, CVS has radically changed how it markets to its customers. Gone are the days when people would shop at a drugstore because they could get cheap generic drugs or find great savings by buying their products in bulk.

These days, people spend more money outside the pharmacy, which is what makes this strategy effective for CVS.

By offering things such as grocery shopping services and pill packs that can be resold online, CVS creates an environment where people feel obligated to do business with them.

This is why one of their most successful strategies is face-to-face outreach. Drugstores have become gathering places for people around the country.

Many people come here to socialize, so CVS uses this opportunity to promote their product line and gain market share.

Email newsletters

what type of marketing strategy is cvs using

Over the past two years, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have made email marketing one of their top priorities. It is no surprise then that almost every major brand now has an active newsletter.

Mostly, brands will send you their monthly or weekly update via email. This is usually accompanied by some sort of promotional item to buy or try.

Some are even sent out at night so it does not require your attention in the morning. Some take a while to write so they keep you engaged for longer than just a few minutes.

Many people begin to get sick of this style of communication due to how frequent and repetitive it can be. For many, this is too much content that goes unchecked.

However, there are ways to use emails effectively to promote your product or service. And most importantly, you should feel comfortable sending them!

What type of marketing strategy is CVS using? They are very successful with their direct response advertising through emails. A direct response advertisement is referred to as DRTV, short for digital radio TV.

Direct response advertisements focus only on promoting a product or service. These are typically limited to five sentences at least. The rest of the time-frame is spent encouraging someone to do something for the product or purchase it.

This is why it is called television style ads. Direct response advertisements are very effective because the audience cannot opt out of being asked about the product.

Online shopping

what type of marketing strategy is cvs using

Over the past few years, online shopping has become the new normal. With every major store having their own merchandise website and offering low-price guarantee policies, it is no longer needed to go into a brick and mortar location to find the latest fashions or gadgets.

In fact, many experts are saying that in our future, there will be an extinction event of physical stores. All purchases will be made via digital means only.

This shift towards all-digital buying was seen during the recent Amazon Prime Day sales where companies such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy took preorders for certain products that would be delivered at a later date.

While this may seem like a scary thought, I think it’s great! As much as we enjoy supporting local businesses, you should know about the importance of investing in your future self by developing your shopping skills.

By educating yourself on how to pick the best deal on the internet, you will save money in the long run. You can also use these sites to research brands and learn more about them.

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