When To Release Content Marketing

Time of year can have an impact on release dates

when to release content marketing

Even if you do not change your content marketing schedule, there are things that can be done to help ensure a smooth launch.

If possible, try to align your content marketing strategy with major events or changes in consumer behavior.

Your team may also need some time to prepare for the launch. There is a lot of work involved in writing, editing, and testing new content resources.

You may want to give your team the option to pull double duty by having them work on other projects as well.

Give this a look before you make any deadline decisions. If you find that your team cannot meet a date set by you, maybe it’s time to start looking for new people to join your team and/or push back your deadlines.

Stumbling on undue mistakes helps us all keep our stress levels high – avoid these last-minute scramble blues by working ahead.

Put your content toward accomplishing your goals

Goals are what you want your campaigns or emails to be about. They help guide how you use your content marketing campaign.

You can set general email communication objectives, such as encouraging people to visit your website once per week. Or you can put more specific goals in place, such as asking visitors to download a particular ebook.

Content marketing is an effective way of achieving these goals. It puts information into customers’ heads that drives them to take action (e.g., visiting your site, buying something).

With this action taken, it allows you to further communicate with those people via email to promote other products or services.

Content marketing helps accomplish goals because it informs consumers and then they act on it. For example, consumers may read through your content and realize that what you offer is worth paying for.

They may decide to purchase a subscription instead of making a one-time payment. In this case, content marketing helped to achieve your goal of increasing revenue.

You need to know what’s being requested

when to release content marketing

Questions people ask about your content marketing are things they want to find out. These could be questions like “ when is this article going to drop?”, or possibly even more importantly, “ how do I get free traffic like that?”

If you don’t actually care about those who are asking these questions, you’re wasting time. Your aim should be to help them with their queries without giving away company secrets.

You can only give people answers if you know what their question is!

Provide options for people to receive notifications

when to release content marketing

With so much content available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

With all that information comes time constraints.

While some things take less time than others, we are only given a little bit of time at a time.

What sets good content creators apart is their ability to educate or motivate your audience using words and stories instead of features and specs.

We can’t always include everything we want to say in the amount of time we have. So how do you choose what to leave out? You use your best judgment.

Maybe you don’t have time to fully discuss topic X but you know that readers need to understand Y.

You tell a story or create a metaphor to help them understand something that cannot be said directly. That’s why they came to you in the first place!

Content marketing gives you an opportunity to share your message with more audiences.

And who knows? Perhaps one day you will start making changes and getting feedback about your business from hundreds of other sources.

That’s success.

Make releasing weekly or monthly events

when to release content marketing

More than half of all blogging content is published immediately, so don’t worry if you build up a lot of posts that need to be released. Events are great for doing this as they give context to your articles.

It can be weeks before people read an article you write, so focus on releasing information at relevant times.

Let’s say you wrote an article about how to choose a cell phone. You could release it every week (depending on the size of the audience), but also let them have time to read about one of their most important decisions.

Releasing consistent content will help you gain momentum and trust in your brand, which both require work. However, if you do not put out content regularly, people will lose interest and move on to another source.

The best way to create unique and interesting releases is by writing fresh stories. Do not rely on repeat plays-already-seen-gossip-and-news. This does not make for good reading or posting; it simply keeps numbers steady.

Writing original content takes time, effort and money, so start with small updates now and then. Eventually this will turn into a habit that helps you develop new ideas and resources and saves you work later.

Think about launching a contest

when to release content marketing

The prize may be something tangible such as a gift card or free items.

Perhaps your target audience can choose between two groups, with group A receiving advertising that is more relevant to their interest than promotional material of group B.

The choice is theirs – will they choose the item you’re promoting or the ad?

More often than not, people select the item because it fits what they want (and need) in terms of both price and quality.

If you do launch a promotion, make sure that you have very good reason for doing so. Promotions take time to set up and promote then must have a significant benefit to your business for doing so.

A promotions budget alone does not make for a worthwhile investment.

However, if you use data and research to determine when to release content marketing, it helps predict opportunities to boost engagement and find new customers.

Content releases at appropriate times help keep campaigns fresh and attract positive attention. This way your audiences are better prepared to engage with your messages when you call them out.

They also work harder at keeping track of all communications, which saves you money by cutting down on customer service costs.

When you release content media efficiently, you spend your resources where they’ll get you the most results.

That means less spending on ads that don’t deliver outcomes quickly. It also means shifting resources to areas that show quicker returns.

Consider creating a newsletter

when to release content marketing

Newsletters are an effective way to communicate with your audience but they also require effort. You can’t expect people to listen to what you have to say after just telling them about it, though.

You need to give people a reason to want to read your newsletters. This is where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is a way of communicating that incorporates research showing that people trust words rather than images when it comes to advertising. What this means for you as a brand or business is that you should take time to create quality content that tells your story well and stands out.

Then use tools such as social media sites, videos, podcasts and good old-fashioned emails to distribute that content. People are much more likely to read an email if the subject line draws their attention.

That is how you get people to start trusting you and your brand. Then you can advertise your products and services using words and images instead of plain black text.

Host a dinner party

when to release content marketing

Dinner parties are excellent ways to release content marketing into the wild. They’re easy, you chat around a table, and then eat food – so there’s a decent chance someone broke their chair making that.

Tell your stories again at the dinner party, but this time, be prepared to give each other listening devices and discuss them for an hour or two. I know people who have spent years in couples therapy resolving issues of mistrust, infidelity, selfishness, and inability to express feelings.

And yeah, sometimes one person is completely guilty of being unempathic, but it doesn’t mean everyone else has to hold back how they feel about that too. It also doesn’t mean everybody hates each other and wants to kill themselves after that shit happens.

More often than not, things like trust break down because individuals do not understand or accept the full spectrum of emotions others are feeling.

Listening to people talk about what had happened to them was something he did frequently as a cop. He recognized pain when he heard it. Even if he didn't fully understand what he was hearing, his training helped him recognize it and help others.

He wanted to go further and help those without places to turn. Maybe write a book some day. But for now, releasing content earned money could help with that.

Throw in some creativity

Be creative!

Content is meant to be entertaining, inspiring, or educational.

If you’re reading this then I assume that you are looking for inspiration, so we’ll start with a story. A few years ago I was eating lunch one day when I noticed a man making tattoos on someone else’s arm. At first I thought it was real ink, but later I realized that it was colored powder.

After watching him for a while, I asked if I could buy his signature tattoo gun. He agreed, and I saw that he added new images to add to his collection every week. That inspired me to create my own artist logo and signature item (a canvas print of my favorite image from last year).

My business partner and i decided to launch a website using WordPress, which has a fantastic community who can support your online presence. We also put up posters around town to advertise our services.

Most people don’t have much money to spend right now, which is okay. It gives us an opportunity to explain how important content marketing is. By having no extra cash, we’ve been able to work closely with artists, events, websites, and publications to help them share their content with their audiences.

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