When To Use Search Engine Marketing

Start your marketing campaign early

when to use search engine marketing

2011 was the year of mobile internet, also known as smartphone internet. More people were accessing the web from their phones than ever before. The rise in mobile usage is only going to increase as more people access the world wide web through their smartphones.

More and more people are turning to their phones instead of laptops or desktop computers for online searches.

If you haven’t already noticed, Google favours Android devices over laptop/desktop PCs when it comes to searching. Google has even made changes to its search engine algorithm to focus on mobile results.

Google suggests that we should be thinking about our habits and preferences like they do. We spend almost 2 hours per day using our apps and another 1.5 hours surfing the net via our phones.

That’s a lot of time to promote your business if you are running an online shop, find new customers, or need sales leads.

Marketing on social media websites such as Facebook can get your name out there fast. But don’t rely on these sites alone to help spread the word about your brand.

The best way to achieve success with social media is to combine them with other methods of communication-such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Create a unique landing page

when to use search engine marketing

With all of the options for listing your content online, it’s easy to get distracted by all of the free resources you can use for marketing yourself and your business.

However, one of the most effective ways to promote your content is through websites that collect large audiences who then see your content.

We call these sites “landing pages” because they serve as homes for specific pieces of content you want to share with people.

Once you publish a piece of content, you should create an appealing homepage featuring your content within minutes of it being published.

This may sound complicated, but actually setting up a beautiful website is quite simple. There are different tools you can use, depending on your preferences and skill level.

You will also need to invest in some relevant web services including Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr.

Offer a prize

when to use search engine marketing

There’s a reason that winning prizes is one of the best ways to gain subscribers: It works for two reasons.

For starters, you can do it without scaring away people who don’t want to enter your competition. You can offer an entry requirement (like having some kind of product or offering in return), but also keep it completely free to try.

By doing this, they’re not just buying something; they’re investing time in your company. By entering their email address at the end of the competition, they’re telling you that they trust you and are interested in what you have to say.

That type of trust is hard to earn and short-lived.

So how else can you use prizes to attract readers? Here are some guide lines to help you draw attention to them :

If you’re giving away a big amount of money, like $10,000, make sure you highlight that there’s no purchase necessary. People might be too surprised to know they can get out of the deal easily.

If you need to let people know about a large purchasing opportunity, explain why now is the right time to buy it. Let them know that while the price is still low, it will go up soon.

Prizes can work well if someone really wants something, so find a way to give them what they want without making them feel they

Use bold headlines

when to use search engine marketing

With search engine marketing, you can go about doing several things with your website’s ranking in search results.

You can focus primarily on social media listings for businesses, or try using paid advertising such as Google Ads.

However, while free listings are useful, they aren’t very cost-effective compared to paying per click charges for ads.

The goal with any listing is to get people to call on your business. You want them to know who you are and what you have to offer.

With that being said, there are ways to increase the traffic to your site by getting onto those top three spots.

Headlines are one way to do this. They grab someone’s attention and keep it. Make it a habit to review previous advertisements and see if you could add a twist to how they read.

That way, when a potential customer gets to the bottom of the page and sees the headline, they’ll always remember what the ad says. It will probably be the only thing they think of when deciding whether or not to buy something.

Therefore, make sure that whatever you write has a hook. Lead with a question that asks the reader to open the file or scroll down to view more content. Or lead with an article that askss questions and below it there is a button along with a little bit of text that reads “Read More” or “Get

Write clickable links

when to use search engine marketing

Links are important content elements that can help users navigate your web page, start a conversation or leave information.

They make it easy to connect with other pages by linking to them. You do this by adding special words called tags or keywords in the link.

Tags identify the topic of the linked page for purposes of searching and organizing. For example, you tag a page with terms like "football" if you want to highlight that section of the page.

You also can use hyperlinks to tie various pages together with hot topics, events, articles, etc..

Keep tabs on which pages people are clicking through to by using search engine marketing tools. Try going old school and using Bookmarking to keep pages categorized and ordered according to key, easily identified sections or features.

Hire a professional to create graphics (e.g., logos) that will improve your website's visual appearance. More often than not, poor quality work has been created by amateur designers who lack experience.

Optimize your page for search

when to use search engine marketing

By adding relevant content, you’ll gain rankings

But there are other ways to increase your ranking in Google, such as using quality links.

Links are what help websites appear in searches. The more high-quality links you have, the higher your site will rank.

However, it is important to know that just because someone else has a lot of links, they don't necessarily deserve a place at the top of the list. You need to be providing good quality links to your own web pages to get any traffic or sales.

Use meta keywords

when to use search engine marketing

If you’re submitting your website to search engines, use metasearch strings as well as mobile search engine results.

These fields are called metasearches for a reason – they perform an array of functions that can help you gain more traffic from searches.

By using these various fields, you can differentiate yourself from other sites in the search results.

This is especially important today, when there are so many websites it’s hard to get noticed.

With metasearches, you have unique opportunities to catch the eye of people searching online. For example, you could name a band with lots of hits “I love music, check out my blog!” or you can give a detailed description of how you play guitar.

These things will draw people in who might not otherwise come to your site.

They’ll probably follow you back if they like what you have to say.

Use keywords throughout the page

when to use search engine marketing

It’s not just what you say in your website pages that impacts how people find your site. You also need to pay attention to all aspects of the search engine marketing game, including title tags, meta descriptions, link codes, and more.

While keyword optimization is important, so is properly describing your content in human terms. Don’t overdo it with SEO jargon; try instead to use clear titles and metas that are easily read.

Keyword-rich pages will help search engines rank you better, but they can hurt your efforts to connect with readers. Run a few Google searches to make sure you don’t miss any essential information.

If you’re using a domain registration service, turn off an additional folder for each name (and corresponding username). That way, when someone searches for yourself, results won’t include websites under another identity.

Include your keyphrases within the body of your site as well. While this may result in fewer backlinks and views, remember that the best way to increase traffic is by attracting links.

Consider buying a relevant top-level domain like.com or.org if you have money to invest. These domains carry less weight than subdomains, though they offer greater credibility.

Write unique content

when to use search engine marketing

Even if you have a website, it can be hard to get traffic coming directly to your site. Much of the web is dominated by social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. People spend more time in these websites than they do going to their own domains.

To make yourself known within this framework, you need to build out profiles where people can find you. You also need to use other tools to promote yourself.

Search engine marketing is one such tool! Offered through Yahoo! And Bing, search engine marketing helps businesses reach an audience when they are searching for information on how to perform certain tasks.

When performing searches, results should bring up pages that lead visitors away from the homepage or specific page into the body of articles and topics. If someone who is researching computer tips finds your website among the first few links listed, then they may look at your website to read article-length downloads (like software) as well as news and updates.

However, if your website shows up higher in the rankings but leads users straight to a shopping cart button, then they may become frustrated and leave before making any purchase decision. It can be difficult to convince people to buy anything after they've looked around on another website.

In addition to including basic details about your business, search engine marketing will help you increase traffic to your website. This is because some search engines list business directories under search engine marketing.

Directories such as

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