When Was Artificial Intelligence First Used In Healthcare

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As we move into the mid 2020s, people are starting to become more aware of the fact that it is full of technology and gadgets that can assist them in their daily lives. One such tool that has been gaining traction over the past few years is artificial intelligence (AI).

Specifically, there have been several predictions about how AI will change our world in the next decade. Two years ago, Tim Urban wrote A Little History Of What Will Make The World Better In 2019 With some intriguing stats and ideas, he posits that AI development will continue along its current trajectory until at least the end of this decade.

He explains that as digital technologies have become increasingly prevalent, they have also brought with them improvements in efficiency and connectivity. These same tech advances have made it possible to create sensors that can detect data and trends even in very small samples of reality.

As these advancements continue to march forward, we’ll see them being used for greater and greater purposes.

According to researchers from Oxford and Carnegie Mellon universities, as many as 6 billion people worldwide could be using smart devices by 2020. And guess what device they’d use? An iPhone.

This represents an incredible opportunity to better understand health issues and concerns through tracking individual and group habits correlated to specific events. Combined with other breakthroughs like blood tests that evaluate biological systems, stress measurements, and gene sequencing, we can further improve healthcare outcomes.

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