When Was Blog Writing Started

Write as a guest blogger

when was blog writing started

Guest blogging is a valuable way to get your content out there and gain readers. You can do it for free or you can sell yourself as a paid author.

It’s easier than ever to start writing blogs. There are many online publishing platforms that will allow you to set up a blog within minutes.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to put your ideas onto paper. Anyone can write a blog, from business owners to kids in high school.

Blogging gives you a chance to tell others about what you know through stories and tips. You can also use it to enhance your own credibility.

People may look at your work with fresh eyes after they read something you have written. Your words may speak louder than pictures you attach to your article.

To get started, find other articles you have published and share them on your social media channels. If you already have a blog, go ahead and write this year’s goal down. Then come back and fill us in on how you got started!

Create a writers group

when was blog writing started

Even if you don’t feel comfortable writing your article/blog post out loud, it can help to have feedback from others. A small community of supportive people who want to see you write about what you care about is an excellent thing.

It can be difficult putting yourself out there with people that you know nothing about and they may ask questions that you wouldn’t normally think to ask. It also helps build trust within the blogging community.

Blogging has helped me more than ever before to get closer to other people, but it takes work. Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

I don’t have time to research topics and put together posts.

I don’t have anyone willing to read my content or I'm not very good at writing.

There are always things that need to be done, so we choose to save time by doing them ourselves instead of hiring someone.

Find a mentor

when was blog writing started

Finding someone to help you get started with your blog is easy, but make sure they are available to guide you through the process. Most bloggers find it helpful to connect with other bloggers for feedback.

You can join blogs that share similar content or readers, or ask if anyone is willing to be a guest blogger. Or you can look into creating new blogs.

It’s important to have this early connection because blogging takes time and effort. You will need to invest time in building an audience if you want them to continue reading your blog.

By having others as mentors, you also increase your chances of being accepted by the community as a whole. They will help educate you on what works and doesn’t work when it comes to writing good content.

Start a blog

when was blog writing started

If you’re new to blogging, start with the why. Ask yourself things like:

Why do I want to have a blog?

What inspired me to write?

Then move forward and ask more specific questions. For example:

If I was starting a blog today, what would be the purpose of my blog?

How could I use my experience as a writer to help others?

You can also look at other blogs for inspiration. See if there are any that appeal to you and try to imitate their style.

There is no right or wrong way to start a blog. The only correct answer is “I don’t know how.”[title] Find free hosting

This may sound expensive, but it’s really very cheap (and easy to install).

Choose a domain name (www.yourdomainname.com) and go from there. Hosting is everything else (i.e., website design, files, etc.).

Some good web hosts include dreamhost, bluesail, and fastly.

They all offer one-click installation, so setting up your site will just take a minute.

Other common tasks involve loading your content into pages that already exist. At this stage, you’re ready to publish!

Connect with other bloggers

when was blog writing started

Networking is one of the most important aspects of being a blogger. If you aren’t connected to others in your community, you will feel like you are missing out.

Blogging gives you an opportunity to meet other people and connect with them through comments, linking up posts, and chatting. I started my journey as a blogger by commenting on other blogs for feedback and then connecting via social media.

It was very hard for me to start a conversation because I didn’t know what they were doing or saying, so making new friends has been difficult. But by being more aware of how to introduce myself and showing interest in others, I have made some great friendships.

I also decided to make networking a goal that I would do every day, even if it was just for a few minutes. By putting yourself out there, hopefully some kind person will come along and want to help you develop your business/blogging career.

Have someone edit your work

when was blog writing started

It’s impossible to be a good writer if you don’t know how to correct your writing. Editing is an essential step in the writing process because it allows others (especially novice writers) to help clarify your thoughts and issues any mistakes that you make.

You can request some one else check your work, but also making this a habit is a great way to develop your writing confidence.

It’s easier to see other people’s errors and put them into context. You will probably learn something new about what words to use or which sentences are better than others.

There are many free online services for editing your writing. MayanMule offers text edits for individual pages of your book, as well as a reading review and feedback on your page. For professional reviews, Speck Press uses docusign to submit all their edits for consideration by our peer reviewers.

Get feedback on your writing

when was blog writing started

It’s impossible to write a good paragraph or page without hearing what you should do about it. (Note: nobody can write well without listening to their own voice.)

Most likely, you’ll have at least one thing that you’re dissatisfied with in each of your published paragraphs.

But there are ways to improve how others respond to your work. Feedback is something that needs to be provided for everyone, including writers who are close to publication and already have an audience.

Providing people with quality content is the key here. If you know how to provide value in your writings then people will want to read what you write. You will also need an audience!

There are many different ways to give feedback. Some of them even help you as a writer. One way to help you as a writer is by reading blogs. There are thousands of them talking about everything from story structure, to helping readers build characters, to sharing tips along developmentally immature jokes.

Are you willing to put in the effort to learn these things?

It takes time and effort to develop these skills but they are important if you hope to use them successfully.

You may not become the best at giving feedback, but over time you can find places where you can share your insights more efficiently.

Reading books can only take you so far. People are too variable in their writing styles and they make mistakes. You will make

Reach out to experts in field

when was blog writing started

There are many ways to connect with other bloggers and promote your own content. One of the most common places to start is Twitter.

It’s free, easy to use, and will let you know right away if you’re talking too much. “I don’t want people to think I am spamming my tweets with links to my stuff,” says @katiemorgan, who created a Twitter strategy guide for sharing tips about blogging.

@davidmckayauthor has published more than 200 books and was one of the first authors to take over a book trailer and share it with others. He also created an online community called The Book Launch Group that provides support throughout the publishing process.

He says his favorite part of promoting a book is seeing how fast your ideas can spread. "The number one lesson I have learned as a author is you need to be willing to put yourself out there," he said.

Your audience may be larger now, but we all have friends and family somewhere in our lives who still believe that only celebrities and professional writers get success. By being open and honest about your experiences, you can build trust and help reduce skepticism about what you have been able to do correctly.

Consistency is key when it comes to building a brand new from scratch. If you've just started writing down thoughts or releases related to your topic, then consider this consistency important.

Choose a platform

There are many platforms where you can publish your writing, from pen-name blogs to publishing apps. Pen-name blogging is free, but paid publications offer additional features, including analytics software to track readers.

A quality platform should have user interfaces that are mobile device friendly (i.e., screen readers for those who cannot see). The number of posts or pages in the site will determine how much editing time is needed to ensure all topics are covered.

Publishing through an established site ensures there’s at least some audience for your work, and it’ll keep google out searches from happening. You also want to make sure any potential reader can find the site if they search for it!

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