Who Came Up With Content Marketing

Avant-garde theater

In any artistic medium, there are people who push the boundaries of what is acceptable behavior or creative thinking. They lead the way in creating new works, introducing novel concepts, and identifying unique styles. These are the pioneers, the ones who pursue their dreams, follow their instincts, and go against the grain.

They may also promote individual freedom in other forms of expression. No one ever really came up with content marketing; it was invented by individuals just like you.

Content marketers find ways to produce fresh stories, breaking the mold, telling new types of tales, and delivering messages that haven’t been told before. Some come out of theaters, while others come from colleges or universities.

Some found art forms are being introduced for the first time, like animation or podcasting. Others have reworked traditional methods of promoting yourself through social media, giving yourself a voice, and spreading information about your work.

These artists introduce unusual ideas, methods, or materials, as well as convey a non-standard view of life. Rather than living within established traditions, they look at how culture has influenced them and use this influence to create something original.

Mark Zuckerberg's input

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who recently bought an anonymous art collection for $20 million, says that creativity is one of his greatest strengths as a leader and innovator.

Zuckerberg has repeatedly mentioned his love for painting as being influential to him and helping him to find inspiration. By buying this collection, he’s showing that not only does he value originality, but also that he understands what it takes to make great art.

This emphasis on creativity in leadership has helped Zuckerberg attract top talent, according to reports. A recent report by Business Insider stated that “[t]he vast majority of senior leaders at Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, and other tech companies believe that their bosses are more creative than they are.”

However, despite these talents, it seems that most people lack the confidence or conviction to be creative. A survey conducted by Twitter revealed that just 4% of people said that they were very creative.

When asked why nobody was doing content marketing, it was found that 83% of respondents had trouble coming up with ideas, 62% didn’t have time to create content, and 55% lacked the expertise to do content quality work.

Fortunately, creating content isn’t as difficult as you may think! You can start by writing a paragraph based on any topic that you find interesting.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

who came up with content marketing

While still in its infancy, content marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Many large companies have their hand in creating and publishing content but it’s mostly Google that people know of.

But what makes Google different than other search engines is that we do not only look at web pages; instead we also take into account other types of data such as documents, presentations, videos etc.

That’s why Google can produce quality results for a query (a question) even if the information stored about the query is scarce or non-existent.

In fact, most competitors of Google use heuristics to evaluate contents such as Google itself, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Heuristics are algorithms that try to estimate an answer to a problem by using clues gathered from the beginning of the puzzle. In the case of searching, heuristics make assumptions about your intent before you actually speak them.

For example, suppose you are looking for recipes on how to bake a cake. You may enter “How to bake a peanut butter cookie” as a query. Heuristic algorithms would find patterns in your queries and then attempt to provide results related to baking, cookies, and peanut butter.

They would then measure the effectiveness of the recipe using something like click-through rates and purchase amounts to determine which variant of the recipe was more effective — either the original query or the alternative recipe.

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