Why Am I Not Getting Traffic To My Website?

Your Website Is Not Ranking in Search Engines

There are hundreds of things you can do to fix this problem, but only one thing that will really work — getting your site indexed by Google.

If you have followed any of my other writing, you know that I focus mostly on WordPress sites.

But if you’re reading this page then most likely you don’t use WordPress and trying to rank for very specific keywords may not be your goal.

I also cover how to get traffic from other sources. But the first step into driving more traffic to your webpages is indexing more pages on your website so people can find you and your content.

You need to provide a good user experience and easy access to all parts of your site. Then you need to promote your website so people can find it.

You Are Not Using Social Media

You Are Not Using Social Media

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great ways to expand your network of friends and business contacts. These websites can also be very helpful in getting your name out into the public domain.

However, you have to put time into managing each one of these accounts, plus uploading and interacting with people.

It takes effort to make it work. More often than not, when people join a community or share content, they’re looking for something more than just advertising.

You need to understand what people want from their online experience and offer it to them.

Your job is to measure how effective your current marketing efforts are, then use that data to guide you going forward.

Heck, do one successful thing now before you worry about “getting traffic”. And don’t forget that all good things take time.

Social media will become more important over the next few years as people turn to them for information and guidance. But we still haven’t figured out exactly which tools people should use and who should use them.

Are you helping everyone find themselves through digital spaces? Or are you keeping them locked inside a virtual world made only for adults?

The most popular social networks grow to meet the needs of different audiences. So if you want to see what the kids are doing today, wait around for them to pass this test my friend.

There’s a reason there’s a decade gap between parents and children in age. There’s a reason some children dig YouTube whereas others prefer TV.

Kids are growing up in an era where technology is a part of their life that doesn’t go away during vacation. Technology isn’t something that ignores them when they’re busy.

Technology is a normal part of their day so they learn how to manage its effects on their daily lives.

That way, when they leave home, they know how to avoid being pulled into addiction by watching too much TV or spending too much time on Instagram.

You Have Bad Marketing Strategies

You Have Bad Marketing Strategies

Even if you are using one of the top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you can still be losing traffic opportunities to your website.

That’s because people don’t share links frequently enough. Sharing once a week or every few weeks is too often. People need to see links many times before they will click them.

Sharing weekly but putting up videos instead works much better than sharing links. People want to watch rather than read stories.

By having great content, others will share it with their friends and followers. Once you start getting more shares, you build trust and confidence in yourself and your work.

You will also notice that when you do put out a link, other sources of income for you as a writer will come from various places. Some of these include ads, newsletter offers, reviews and giveaways.

Keeping track of all these things takes time and effort, some of which you should give away for free. But making money with blogging isn’t hard; it’s just something we must practice and learn how to manage.

You Don't Have Any Ads Set Up

You Don't Have Any Ads Set Up

One of the biggest reasons people don’t get traffic is because they don’t have any ads set up to promote their website. Without advertising, you just aren’t going to attract very many visitors.

However, even with advertisements, you are not going to make much money if there's no one searching for what you sell. The best way to earn revenue through advertising is to have a large number of people visiting your site daily.

You also want to choose your ads carefully and read about how to change the settings in your ad programs. You can then adjust the settings until you find two things: 1) ads that work well, and 2) ads that will pay off.

Your Advertising Budget Is Low

Your Advertising Budget Is Low

The biggest reason why you aren’t getting any traffic is because you are spending too much money on advertising. If your goal is top-level web visibility, then you know that paying for ads can be very expensive – but also can get good results.

The problem is that many people seem to think that paid ads are the only way to reach out to potential customers, when in fact they are just one part of a whole package of options.

There’s no such thing as “top level web visibility”; there are only deep links, which is what you need to focus on creating. And not just any link will do; you need an extremely specific one, with a clear call to action.

If you don’t put extra effort into branding and marketing your website (versus trying to rely exclusively on ad banners), you’re leaving millions of dollars worth of sales opportunities behind — yours or your competitors’.

That’s why we at Smartpassage make it our mission to help businesses like yours gain access to these lost revenue streams through developing smart passive income strategies. It takes more work to generate quality content and attract readers, but it costs less than pay per click advertising.

You Haven’t Built Your Website Yet

You Haven’t Built Your Website Yet

Most business owners understand that they need an online presence. But you may be struggling with how to actually create this presence.

You can build your site using a platform like WordPress, but this requires technical knowledge and resources.

A more convenient option is creating a page on Facebook called my website where you list information about your company or products. Then send people from Facebook to your page.

This works well for small businesses who don’t have a large following on Facebook. However, if you do have a following, you should consider buying a domain name and hosting method. This way you can keep developing your brand identity and supporters.

You Need to Work on Your Brand or Product

You Need to Work on Your Brand or Product

That’s right — before you start looking at traffic numbers, working on your brand, growing your audience, or doing anything else, you must build a name for yourself in the social media community.

Don’t expect people to know who you are. Provide quality content and promote others’ works so that they will begin to recognize your name and use it often.

The more times people see your name, the better chance they have of remembering it and using it. Also, don’t be afraid to make small talk with people instead of only talking about yourself. They may not think you are interesting, but if you keep them happy by being friendly, they will most likely remember your name.

You Need to Offer Value Before You Demand Value

You Need to Offer Value Before You Demand Value

There’s a reason people go to their doctor and not someone else – it’s because they know what good health is and they are aware of the options for having a healthy lifestyle.

You can choose to have a healthy diet, but if you don’t understand how to turn down a cheeseburger or drink, then your efforts will be pointless.

It takes a while to build trust around yourself, so do things that show you care about other people and want to listen to them.

Give people advice for free; show you support people in your community; donate money to causes you believe in. People will start trusting you more and being less hesitant to let you help them.

If you give people quality information, they will keep coming back to you with questions and needing solutions. Give them easy access to a solution and they will come to you. Don’t sell them anything upfront except maybe insurance.

Nobody Knows About Your Business

Nobody Knows About Your Business

It’s impossible for anyone but you to know who you are. Your website is one small piece of an immense identity that you use to explore and express yourself.

Your name is one part of what makes you, YOU.

Share your story or whatever it is that brings you to this page. Did you take photos at a wedding? Are you looking to move and need help with all the steps involved? These are things people can learn about you and want to get to know you better.

You be you and share your life with others. You will find them to be more welcoming than you think.

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