Why Evergreen Content Should Be The Lifeblood Of Your Website

What is the secret to creating a blog that attracts backlinks, ranks for relevant keywords, and enjoys a steady stream of organic traffic?

In short: Ever-green content

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is content that never goes out of date. It centers on a topic that people are always interested in, regardless of the news cycle or season. An article you write today about how to develop healthy financial habits which will still be useful for users in the next 20 years is an example of evergreen content.

To make it easier for you to imagine, let’s take a topic that has always received a substantial amount of searches over the years: “How to lose weight”.

No matter if it is 2019 or 2049, people will always want to lose weight. Methods can vary over time depending on available technology and food conditions at each time, but the goal to lose weight never ceases to be popular.

Some other examples of this How-to type of content are

Now, which contents are NOT evergreen?

  • U.S. presidential election 2016
  • UEFA Champions League scores
  • Best products of 2022

These time-sensitive and topical content tend to experience a brief spike in traffic followed by a significant drop-off in views.

“Evergreen content is content that is perpetually relevant to readers. Due to its timeless subject matter and its appeal to a large and recurring audience, evergreen content has no real expiration date and retains its value long-term.”

Why is evergreen content important?

When Joe Biden won the U.S presidential election in 2020, almost every newspaper reported it and it created a massive spike in searches about “Joe Biden winning the election”. But the heat cooled down after a few weeks when people came to terms with the fact that the U.S. now has a new president. 

As such, traffic to that article plummeted.

Every time you publish this kind of post, and it gets widely shared because of its newsworthiness, you get an initial burst of traffic. Over time, as interest wanes, traffic quickly degenerates.

This puts you on the hamster wheel of content creation. You have to keep publishing. Your traffic will drop once you stop.

And that’s precisely why you should create evergreen content instead of time-sensitive ones.

It helps you:

1. Do less work and save time.

These posts can bring you a steady stream of traffic for a long time without you having to do any additional work beyond the initial publishing and promotion.

I assume you have a limited amount of time to commit to your blog or website, and you want to make the best possible use of that time (or paid resources if you outsource content publication), and evergreen content is the solution to your time restrictions problem.

2. Rank higher in Google SERP and get regular organic traffic.

By satisfying all of Google's quality criteria for evaluating web pages, evergreen content will help you rank better in Google search results.

Google is always exploring the web for the most relevant information to offer to users, but it is also looking for content that is distinctive and original, comprehensive, instructive and has been proven to be valuable to users.

Creating evergreen content is your best bet if you want to attract organic traffic to your post month after month, year after year, and not see a decline in traffic after a month or two.

3. Lead Generation

Given that content is largely discovered through search engines, it's not surprising that a lot of evergreen articles are SEO-friendly. The stable high ranking and large amount of traffic can help you to collect leads. 

Evergreen content isn’t the only content worth making

Evergreen content

While I’m constantly stressing the importance of evergreen content, non-evergreen content is not bad. It is not always interesting to only read about evergreen content. We also like to get updated on news, celebrity gossip, fashion, technical reviews, etc., and fortunately, there are tons of websites, publishers, and reporters doing that every minute.

What evergreen content will do for you as a blogger or website owner, is help you make better use of your time and get regular organic traffic to your site.

In general, if you want to acquire constant traffic to your blog over time without tearing your hair out by posting 10 posts a week, you should focus on evergreen subjects. Then, attempt to keep their evergreen status by frequently republishing and re-promoting them.

Juice helps make evergreen content

Our AI writing assistant Juice helps you craft articles that are ripe for the search engines—complete with unique text, headings, images and more.

Tips for making awesome evergreen articles with Juice

Making a proper title

Though our AI is astoundingly good, it performs best when using evergreen title inputs such as the ones we listed above. If you're having trouble thinking of some related to your business trying being as general as possible. We recommend starting out with phrases like:

  • 'Tips for...'
  • 'Ways to...'
  • 'How to...'
  • 'Why...

This helps give Juice the idea that you'd like a blog article with sections that are related to the general query.

General topics

As the rules of evergreen content would suggest, the more general the better. So topics like "How To Use Adsense To Set Up Ad Campaigns in 2022" might be a keyword you can rank for, but it also will become dated as software evolves.

A more general query might be 'How To Get the Most ROI on your Ad Campaigns?'

This query is more general (meaning AI will have a better answer for you) but it will also be more likely to be relevant for a long time, since Ad Campaigns will be relevant no matter the ad platform.

About The Author

Nguyen Cao
I'm Nguyen, a digital enthusiast and a freelance copywriter. I have 3 years experience in the marketing and communication landscape. I'm a life-long learner and I love sharing my journey and experiences with you.
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