Why Is Email Marketing Content Valuable Quizlet

It encourages repeat customers

Customers who receive emails from businesses are much more likely to return purchases, give positive reviews and write posts encouraging others to try the business.

If you have an email list, it’s easy to send follow-up messages asking about customer experiences or sales techniques. You can also use quizzes to advertise special offers and discounts.

It enables you to get to know your customers well enough to personalize your communications. They will trust you more since they know that you respect their privacy and would not pass them onto other companies.

It promotes brand awareness. Since people need time to learn about a company, branding its emails with familiarity helps considerably. People may start by ignoring the emails, but as they grow comfortable with the sender and what they offer, they might become regulars.

It stimulates interest. The quizzes inside the email promote curiosity and therefore likelihood of opening the message and checking out what you have to offer. If there is no promotion, there is no click through.

They help break up the monotony of plain text. Who doesn't love a colorful ending?

You see and understand your customer

In his own words, Mark Twain once said that people don’t know what they want until you give it to them. By applying this quote to marketing, you can conclude that customers do not know how much value their content has until they receive something from you.

Your job is to show them through samples, stories or data what good your content is for them. There are several ways to demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of different types of content.

One way to display the ROI of content is by looking at the number of conversions after investing time and money into creating quality material. For example, if you invest time and effort writing an article, then the amount of traffic added to the site must factor in the percentage of visitors who click on the published title and end up becoming clients.

Another way to measure the ROI of content is by using Nielsen’s Media Preceding Score. This survey measures the cost-effectiveness of digital media products. Products with higher scores require more spending to achieve results.

Let’s take the example of two websites competing against each other in the same industry. Site A performs slightly better than Site B, but costs about 10% less. If we assume both sites offer the same quality experience, consumers will choose the cheaper one because they feel it is worth it to them.

We can also compare website designs across multiple industries.

Customers can’t hide from you

why is email marketing content valuable quizlet

In this era of “self-service” shopping, people don’t bother hiding who they are or what they want. They take their time to check out before serving customer service a call or ordering online.

And when they do speak with a representative, it often ends up being over the phone, via email or in person.

But more and more, customers prefer speaking with a human when they need help instead of responding to auto-responses found on most company websites.

When they do encounter a live employee, they like getting positive answers quickly, without having to wait for someone to get around to them.

That’s why businesses use autoresponders. But if you ask me, I think we could learn something from them.

For one thing, emails containing autoreplies typically offer much better content. For another, by default, these messages are grouped into your inbox.

You spend less time reading them because you decided how and when to respond. And best of all, nobody else is jumping between ideas about how to mess with your stuff!

Your emails are often remembered

why is email marketing content valuable quizlet

Technically, your email marketing campaign is only really done once you send an individual message to your list. But if that same person decides they want more information, there’s a good chance they will come back to your site or service again.

This means that some of your messages get skipped (and maybe it also means that some people receive many messages which can be annoying). However, each time someone returns to your website, they are seeing your content and learning about your product/service.

When they decide to read more than one email from you, their experience with you becomes longer and more positive. They start to trust you more and like what you have to say.

By having a consistent look across all of your communications, you are able to build up a sense of trust in both you and your business. You begin to feel less like a fraud and more like a legitimate expert who everyone should listen to.

Less subjectivity about what matters

why is email marketing content valuable quizlet

In a world where content marketing is king, there’s one very important factor that sets good content apart from bad content: time.

More specifically, how much time does it take to consume?

Because people have different levels of attention spans, each person has a different view as to whether or not written content is valuable.

With visual media, you can receive a lot of information quickly because it takes only a short amount of time to see something. However, writing requires more thought, so writers should include enough value in their work that readers will follow it up.

They also need to keep in mind that some people don’t like reading at all, which means they could avoid your content forever.

That being said, there are ways to make sure your content gets read anyway. The best way to do this is by providing helpful info before you ask for someone to read your content. For example, provide lots of links inside your email newsletter to increase the chances that your subscribers will click through and look at your content.

This makes your content more readable and interesting while also increasing the probability that they’ll spend time with your content.

Easy to write

why is email marketing content valuable quizlet

Writing quality email content is not easier than writing other types of posts; it’s just that you are working with a larger space and less visual aids. You can also easily organize your ideas in an outline if you want to go this route.

There is no one right way to write good content. What matters most is having interesting things to say.

You will also need to understand your audience and know how to connect with them. Using anecdotes from personal experience can be very effective, as can discussions or debates about topics.

All of these elements work together to make people interested in what you have to say and feel compelled to read your message.

Placing important information near the top of your letter or newsletter can help readers get more familiar with who they're reading into contact with, and helps keep them engaged longer. This works best for long paragraphs.

Enables faster response times

why is email marketing content valuable quizlet

In an age where people are constantly in demand, making a quick answer or solution can make or break you. If you’re being asked about their business directly, they want to make sure you know what you’re talking about!

Email marketing provides them with an opportunity to get in touch with customers who may be interested in their product or service.

When someone is asking questions or conducting interviews for example, email marketing is a great way to share information quickly. People love getting new content so this is appreciated.

By having a direct line of communication, clients feel more engaged and trusted, which makes them trust your recommendations sooner.

More often than not, emails contain links to other pages within your website which lead to more inquiries or solutions. Having a clean and organized inbox helps your visitors navigate through your site better.

Gives insight into user behavior

why is email marketing content valuable quizlet

It’s impossible to measure the value of email marketing content without asking yourself what you want to know about your audience.

This single question is one way to answer that question.

Are people who open your emails more likely to buy things from you? If so, then the cost of producing and sending those emails is completely free.

If they are not interested in what you have to offer, then you probably don’t need to send them any more emails. You can simply respect their time and money by offering quality products at reasonable prices.

It’s hard to spend money when spending money means giving up control of your company for some time.

However, if you write articles and create content with the purpose of encouraging people to buy, maybe you should start by taking precautions against wasting money.

You can easily generate extra profits by promoting sales on new products and services or special offers. But how do you attract people to click on your links and purchases your product? The answer is via valuable content such as quizzes.

Email marketing software helps you deliver quiz tests and other assessments to your email list using only a template design. Then you can collect data from each assessment, including which questions were most popular and give them out until someone clicks on your promo link to purchase your product.

That way you can identify which questions people liked best and use these to guide future quizzes and surveys

Helps build a relationship with the customer

why is email marketing content valuable quizlet

Customers don’t trust advertising messages. You must show them that you care before they will buy your product. With email marketing, you are directly communicating with your customers. They can send you responses via email or call you if they have questions.

The contact form at the bottom of every page on your website should lead users through several levels of communication to opt in their contact information for when they need assistance or learn more about what you offer.

By building a relationship with consumers, they become more comfortable buying from you. According to research, emails that contain personal content related to feelings or needs help the reader understands your business.

Emails that convey caring and confidence in your business may boost trust but only if the consumer perceives the message is unrelated to sales or promotion. Emails that promise something for nothing can turn readers off instantly.

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