Why Is Site Traffic Useful in Evaluating Marketing?

It’s common knowledge that businesses with websites are much more reliable than those who don’t, but is having a website enough? What, aside from a working website, constitutes a reliable business? For many, it’s a website that has great performance – design, content, efficiency, and most of all, high ranking.

High ranking is a very important element because for people who are curious about so many things, it’s essential that your website shows up number one in online searches. This way, you can generate high traffic and welcome more customers to get to know your business as well as the products and services you offer.

Visitor traffic comes from many different sources

Visitor Traffic Comes From Many Different Sources

Beyond website visitors, you can also buy web traffic using various platforms. These include services that sell visits to your site, shares of page views, clicks, and other metrics related to how people find your content.

If you have a budget for advertising your brand or promoting your products, these are very useful tools to test out your campaigns.

However, don’t rely on these only to determine the success of your marketing efforts. For one thing, they take time to generate results, so be patient before counting them as revenue.

For another, not every campaign will work for every company. What works in market research may not work for your business model or product.

Finally, all types of traditional advertising can come with their own set of challenges. It is easy to get sucked into the hype when developing strategies for getting exposure through social media channels or word-of-mouth communication.

Stay focused on what you want to achieve, and stay within your budgetary constraints to make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance for success.

The size of visitor traffic varies with time

The Size of the Visitor Traffic Varies With Time

Another significant advantage of site traffic is that it gives you an idea about the popularity of your website. If people visit your webpage, it means they think highly of your product or service and are willing to pay for it.

So, how do visitors find your website?

There’s a whole range of ways; depending on what browser each user is using, these include search enginessocial media sites, direct searches via Google or Bing, and also links from other websites.

Google and Bing both offer tools to measure the amount of traffic you get through measurements such as visits, click-through rates, bounce rates, keyword rankings, number of keywords, estimated market value, etc.

You can create reports at either the account or domain level. Reports cover trends over weeks or months, showing increases or decreases. You can choose which accounts to track individually.

Is it possible to track how visitors arrived at your website?

It Is Possible to Track How Visitors Arrived at Your Website

By looking into which keywords led visitors to your page, you can see what people are searching for. You also can see whether or not they were “seeded” to come by someone else (social media, advertising, etc.).

By seeing who linked to your site, you can determine how other websites have helped to promote your work.

You can even look at forums and groups related to your topic to see if anyone associated with it is planning events that your audience may be interested in.

Finding out where the traffic came from allows you to take steps to increase the visibility of your webpage and get more traffic. For example, you could use SEO (search engine optimizationtechniques like keyword tagging and internal linking.

Find what marketing campaigns are working and which ones need improvement

woman browsing on the internet

People decide to visit a website for one of two reasons:

  • They want to use the site.
  • They want to learn more about it.

If visitors arrive at your web page through an online search, for example, that means their specific query was what you called a “search engine.”

What you have to understand is that they were searching inside their browser (the software program installed by default on most computers).

At this stage, all they want is answers to their question. They don’t necessarily want to buy anything.

So, giving them something for nothing isn’t going to get them to click on your adverts.

That’s why you need to put yourself in your visitor’s shoes – if you knew exactly how to solve his or her problem, would you still ask them for money?

You should because people are much less likely to be direct consumers than to look into a product and try to work out if it’s right for them.

That way, you’ve also got the added bonus of learning something new. More often than not, when someone finds out about something, they want to know more.

All websites should have an online presence

All Websites Should Have an Online Presence

Having an online presence is critical these days if you want to attract new customers and grow your business. More and more companies are turning to their sites not only as a way to reach out to current clients but also to recruit new employees and market to future clients.

By having a website, you’re taking control of your brand and what you have to offer rather than letting search engines (or people who find you through advertising) define you. You can include or exclude parts of your site according to how you wish to be perceived by visitors.

You can make changes once you know they’re no longer working for you. Search engine optimization helps with this, too – making sure that whatever you put up on the web already meets with maximum appeal.

Having a website created by someone else is also helpful because then you have another set of eyes checking over it to ensure that everything is good. They can help you when deciding which plugins to choose and look at your work so that you don’t take off on some amazing idea that would cost you money.

Websites are very much a “free tool.” Most people use them regularly to do the following:

  • Check out products and services
  • Read articles
  • Learn about new trends
  • Connect with other users

A website is an extension of your business’ brand name

A Website Is an Extension of Your Business Brand Name

It’s easy to get distracted with all aspects of running a successful online business, which is why you should make time for marketing even if it means sacrificing other tasks that may be more fun.

But first, we need to understand how people use traffic.

People don’t visit websites to have a pleasant experience. They go to a site because they have a problem that needs solving.

What are they going to do after arriving at their destination? Are they going to buy something? Did they find what they were looking for?

If not, then they will leave a comment or give the company a bad review.

That’s right — doing nothing gets them closer to accomplishing their goal.

The next thing you know, they’re coming back to your website asking others questions about your product.

And why wouldn’t they? Their issue was resolved by someone who has gone through a process (regardless of whether or not they purchased anything).

Your job is to help people solve their problems.

Keep that in mind when you’re deciding what to write, where to put things, and most importantly, what style to use.

A professional-looking article that attracts readers and helps them take action is very important.

Your site may be more than just a web presence

Adult books business coffee

Web traffic is one thing, but actual customer acquisition through social media is another story altogether.

More and more businesses are establishing their own channels on various mediums to advertise their products and services. But how can you tell if someone else is going to be a good customer?

There are many things that you can look at when evaluating others as potential customers. Facebook pages and Twitter profiles are best used for initial awareness and generating interest, while website content is what you should use to determine whether they would actually go out to buy something:

  • Google them.
  • Visit their websites.
  • See who they are and what they do.
  • Find out why they’re unique and what makes them special.
  • Try to get into your head where they might fail.

Do they have customers? If not, why? How long has this business been around? What haven’t they done well with previous clients? Searching online for reviews is very important as these can help confirm or deny a brand you’ve heard about.

These are all questions that need to be asked before making any decisions. After doing so, it’s game over!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for any website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Important for Any Website

Obviously, your site should be able to show up in search results! But Google often runs keyword searches that find websites that include certain words or phrases.

Keyword searching can help you discover new users of your product or service by giving you insights into the questions people are asking about it.

It also helps you get more traffic from Google searches as these tend to convert better than other searches.

Google has recently started recommending original content along with quality links. Both qualify as quality measures for your web presence. By having unique articles with high-quality links placed throughout them, you’ll stand out to potential clients.

They’re also easier to develop than blogs since they have wider margins for updating their appearance and including frequent updates.

Design is also important for a good user experience

More and more, your audience’s opinion of you and your company depends largely on how easy it is to understand what you are saying and how interested you are in them.

Your website should be designed primarily to meet these needs, but also consider how easily you can create an impression of yourself through your web presence.

You want people to like what they see when they visit your site, so provide things that appeal to their senses.

However, don’t make the problem-solving too difficult!

Consider what would need to happen before you could get to the next step or the final goal. What obstacles need to be overcome?

Think about which problems can be solved by coming up with something new, instead of trying to recreate the world according to your idea of right and wrong.

It’s better to come up with a few great solutions than to have many mediocre ones.

Tools to improve website traffic

what’s going on here

Now that you know why website traffic is useful in evaluating marketing, you should educate yourself on how to boost your current website’s performance. There are many tools in the market today, but to give you an idea, we’re going to present three different tools that may help you achieve your goal.


The moment you visit Linktree’s website, it’s going to immediately advertise that the tool is “everything you are in one single click.” Catchy right? Well, aside from being smart in their marketing slogan, they have even more to offer.

Linktree’s goal is simple, and that is to increase the depth of your reach through a single link. Basically, Linktree is a single customizable link you can add to your bio in any of your social media accounts and email which you can share with your audience and help them reach your website immediately.

Aside from the link going to your website, you can add other multiple links that are just as important! Linktree can be used on the following:

  • Social media
  • Email signatures
  • Video descriptions
  • Show notes
  • Live streams
  • Webinars
  • Offline through QR codes

Linktree is fast, convenient, and mobile-friendly. Most of all, it’s free to use! However, if you want some more upgraded features, you can also choose to purchase any of their available packages:

  • Starter at $5 monthly
  • Pro at $9 monthly
  • Premium at $24 monthly

More than 25 million creators are using Linktree today!


Email marketing has never been so easy! MailerLite was first established in 2005 as a web design agency. However, over time, they had fallen in love with marketing, and in 2010, they gave businesses a powerful solution to grow through email marketing.

Today, MailerLite has more than 1 million customers who are comfortable with what the app has to offer – all because of helpful customer service that works to support everyone in need 24/7.

MailerLite offers different products for sending emails, building websites, collecting leads, and selling products. It’s everything you need in a marketing app! Here’s a rundown of what they offer:

  • Email marketing
  • Automation
  • Newsletter editors
  • Transactional emails
  • Website builder
  • Create a blog
  • Landing pages
  • Signup forms
  • Email verifier
  • Digital products
  • E-commerce
  • Paid newsletter subscriptions

What’s not to like?

You can try using the app for free or pay for their Growing Business or Advanced packages at $9 and $19 per month, respectively. Likewise, if you’re a large organization with special requirements, you can contact them to give you a price that suits you best.


Social media is an avenue that brings a lot of traffic to websites, so it’s a no-brainer that you should make use of your social media accounts to further advertise your brand and find valuable leads.

Hootsuite allows you to manage all your socials in one place. They have a range of tools like Amplify, Insights, Impact, and Ads where you can do the following:

  • Create and schedule posts
  • Manage all your channels
  • Plan upcoming campaigns
  • Stay on top of incoming messages
  • Analyze results

What’s even better is that aside from being able to manage your socials from their website, you can also do it through your phone or tablet. They have an app that’s compatible to both Apple and Android devices.

Despite the number of tools and unique solutions they already have, Hootsuite took it a step further by offering you resources to keep you updated with the latest trends and tips that can be useful in improving your social media campaigns. From time to time, they conduct webinars, post blogs, and organize events that will make you crave more information! They even have a Hootsuite Academy where you can purchase online courses and earn certificates!

You can try Hootsuite for free for 30 days and cancel any time you like. If you want a long-term commitment, here are the packages they offer:

  • Professional at $49 per month
  • Team at $129 per month
  • Business at $729 per month
  • Enterprise – contact them for pricing!

Request a free demo to get a feel of their product!


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We all want the same thing here – for our business to be successful. Thus, it’s essential to take every important step needed to make your products and services shine above the rest.

Now that a number of tools are available to help you generate web traffic, you can go ahead and find one that matches what you need and resonates with what you want to achieve. Before anything else, always keep in mind the values you are thrusting forward and give importance to website traffic.

You can explore as many options as you like, so long as it gives you the results you want to achieve.

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