Why Would Organic Traffic Drop

The website loses credibility

The website loses credibility

Once your website is down, it takes time to get it back up again. During that period of downtime, people who were going to visit your site will find another one to click around.

This could be because they found a new, better site by searching or through links from other sites. It’s also likely that they feel disappointed that the site isn’t as good as its homepage made it seem.

These are all reasons why you should never delete a page from your website. No matter how big or how small the change, when you remove a page from your index, traffic will decrease even if the article behind the issue is just fine.

It could be that the page in question was very influential in driving organic search traffic, but without it, things quickly fall downhill. People may not know that this original page has been taken off line, or they might forget about it being there.

Keep providing quality content for users and then ask yourself if there’s a need to keep the current version of the page up. Who knows what kind of impact that previous version of the page had on helping it become popular?

Bad reputation

Bad Reputation

When your bad reviews are all over the internet, it becomes harder for you to get new clients. Your existing customers may stop buying from you because they don’t want to spend time deleting those comments or cleaning up the mess that is online.

If you have a Twitter account, then you will need to follow certain guidelines in order to improve customer service through tweets. If you do not comply with these rules, you can face penalty points which make it more difficult for you to gain new followers.

By having an online presence, you are showing people that you are responsible and dependable. More companies are hiring organic traffic drop now than ever before.

Fraudulent reviews

Fraudulent reviews

Even though most reviewers are good people, there are many fraudulent reviews out there that will destroy your reputation if they sign up for your services. Unfortunately, you can’t trust everything you read or see online so taking some measures to prevent yourself from being scammed is very important.

There have been times when I’ve asked customers why their usage has increased significantly when it hasn’t changed at all what they use our product for. Many times it is because they haven’t updated its application yet.

recall one customer who said his entire company spent $1 million on computers and other technology supplies over the past two years including the latest models. He was wasting money by keeping older machines in the office. He used to spend about $20,000 per year on computer supplies but after he upgraded his inventory control system he realized he didn’t need to buy anything.

He stopped buying new equipment due to the investment of time and energy going into managing them instead of investing this resource go get an employee more production value.

No social media presence

No social media presence

The truth is, that there are several reasons why your organic traffic may be dropping. One of them being, you have to stop advertising.

You need to actually promote your content before you can expect people to find it themselves.

There’s no way around it – putting up ads is never fun. But creating quality content takes time, which means stopping easy ways to increase traffic to your site.

There’s also something called “blogging etiquette” that comes into play. People prefer reading blogs that provide useful information rather than having to click through pages to get to the end.

Put yourself in someone’s shoes who has just clicked onto their favorite blog post or article. What if the page they were trying to access was broken for mobile users or those using Edge instead of Chrome? It would really hurt their experience as a reader!

Keep doing what you’re doing and try to reduce the effort required from readers to access your content. More links under your posts will help too. These things take time, so don’t worry about this right now.

Poor marketing

Poor marketing

There are many reasons that can cause a decline in organic traffic, most of which have something to do with your advertising efforts.

If you’ve been doing business online for any length of time, you know how quickly online advertising techniques change. What seems like science fiction now was just a fantasy once before if you looked at it from an old school perspective.

The biggest way people find information about new products is through advertising. When companies pay to get their advertisements featured or placed on a site, they’re called sponsors. People who click on their advertisement or link are considered “converts” because they decided to follow the offer (click on the ad).

When companies buy ads, there’s no guarantee that everyone will see the ad. Sometimes websites put up an ad when someone else might be searching for info about the product, so there’s competition for attention between the website/ad and your own.

Some people believe that adds more stress than help folks feel good. It takes extra energy to seek out quality content to share with others.

Also, when sites place adds, they often don’t choose specific phrases or keywords so customers find all kinds of things on your page. If you search Google yourself, then see what results show up in the Ads section.

There’s a reason large businesses spend millions of dollars each year on commercials. They try to convince you to purchase a product or service by telling you why they’re the best choice. Want proof? I’ll give you one!

Instead, use scripts that translate what you say into plain English. Your language may be clearer without using words that sound formal.

Out-of-date content

Out-of-date content

Google ranks websites according to how updated their content is. The more frequently you update your website, the higher it will rank in search engines.

Google actively monitors how often you publish new content on your site. If you don’t have fresh material, people won’t find your site through a search engine.

Publishing regular updates also helps google get better at searching. Every time you revise a page, google learns more about what quality web pages look like.

Therefore, fewer searches bring more visits when there’s no new content.

Lacking unique selling proposition

Lacking unique selling proposition

People who buy organic foods are often looking for more than just quality food. They want products that have not been processed, packaged or manufactured in non-organic ways. They don’t care how animal-free your farm is as long as it’s not controlled by chemical pesticides.

They consider their purchase to be part of their responsibility to protect the environment from becoming too chemically dependent.

Consumers wanting these protections also put pressure on farmers who grow conventional crops to sell only organically produced materials. The demand for truly organic foods has grown so quickly since the early 2000s; there’s now a consumer market for it.

That growth has outpaced the availability of resources and information for people trying to make a smooth transition from traditional farming to organic growing. There are few experts in place to guide them through the process of getting certified by either the USDA National Organics Program or the Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Services.

Not visible in search results

Not visible in search results

There are many reasons why your organic traffic might drop. Sometimes, it’s for several months and then all of a sudden it drops.

That can be because you got to the top 10 rankings before people realized you were there. Or maybe your content is so good that people forgot about you until they realized they didn’t know who you were.

It happens.

But more often than not, this is what we call “organic decay”. When everyone realizes how much better their website does compared to the site at the top of the search results, they start moving down the page.

And since those below them realize they haven’t spent money (yet), they don’t spend money getting to the first spot.

Looks uninviting

When you first see your website, chances are that it looks terrible. You have comments popping up everywhere, messages asking if people saw what they just posted, and calls to action that make you want to drop everything and find out whatever information those clicks may contain.

Everyone has them--comments that need to be taken care of, posts that need to be uploaded, notes that need to be made, and alerts that need to be checked.

It can feel like there is no time at all to set up an amazing campaign or social media promotion because everyone wants something right now.

And while setting up campaigns is important, making sure they are done correctly is crucial. Making changes when they're needed is better than having things put off until later.

Also, research shows that published content gets read more often and usually with more interest, so good content is a must.

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