Will AI Take Over Copywriting

What is AI?

In simple terms, artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer program that works with other computers to make them smarter. For example, IBM’s Watson uses cognitive computing technology to analyze data and makes decisions instantaneously.

What does this mean for writers? The future of writing is not in creating innovative stories using creative techniques, but in applying the best tool available to tell a story. AI Writer applies AI technology to help writers transform text into meaningful words.

The more you write, the better you get at hearing what people want to hear and saying what they need to say. A truly gifted writer is able to communicate through silence. When you read a paragraph written by an AI Writer, you will definitely notice that the font changes automatically depending on the number of lines in the paragraph.

This takes the thinking work out of writing for you. Instead, it allows your content to speak for itself. You still have control over how that information is expressed.

The future of AI copywriting

How can technology replace jobs that humans do in writing. Specifically, what computer algorithm should you use to write your content?

A large portion of the world has already started using computers to write basic texts, so why not use software to write content for online pages or other written material?

And what about all those funny, entertaining stories that run along the internet? Shouldn’t they be told with software instead of human words as well?

Here’s why content marketing works

This is one of the most interesting questions that you can ask about your business today.

Content marketing works because people want to do business with you; there’s no doubt about it.

But they need to trust you and what you are offering them.

That means demonstrating that you know their story, values, and preferences. You’ll also have success if you provide a useful tip or trick in your content that they could put into practice.

And lastly, you must respect those boundaries. Don’t assume you know how to write someone’s story or that your ideas are going to be chosen.

Trust that you have something valuable to share, and make time for writing that speaks to your heart.

Does your website use good writing?

Google recently told writers that they should promote their work, not just their own blogs. If you’re an author, you can put your book up as a page with several excerpts from it.

If you write about lifestyle topics, you may have seen some interesting slideshows of photos from Instagram accounts.

Google wants those providing content to social media sites to understand what people are looking for and give it to them quickly. When someone does a search for, say, “healthy breakfast recipes,” Google will show them a list of websites along with links to articles written about healthy breakfasts.

There are also more conventional sources like magazines and guides that cover health and nutrition issues.

And then there are professional organizations or companies that offer healthcare professionals resources to help them with their patients.

People who work in medicine know that accurate information is key to helping patients make well-informed decisions. That’s why I recommend using medical literature over traditional internet marketing materials because the data is trustworthy.

Who are your most successful writers?

If you’re looking at top-notch copywriters in agencies, one name that often pops up is Anna Roebke. She has several clients, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Ford, Samsung, Burberry, and Toyota.

So what makes these consultants stand out from the crowd? According to TalentWesty, “their marketing messages never seem stale or canned.” What I mean by this is that even if there isn’t any new content coming across all of their channels, they’ve got slogans and phrases that speak for themselves with power and clarity.

Write testimonials not advertisements

A lot of people think that writing ads is easy, but it’s hard work to write something that will catch someone’s attention and hold their interest. When you read an advertisement or even a headline, you should be able to tell how the writer accomplished his/her goal.

An ad must persuade you to do something. You can't just go into the advertising arena thinking that you are going to advertise everything under the sun and expect things to get clicks and sales.

The writers in your articles must use every word they write to explain what you want them to do and why you want them to do it.

Your readers don't need to know who wrote the article. Let the words speak for themselves!

Use data to determine how to market your business

Data drives modern marketing strategies. Without it, you are flying without wheels.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you must understand the importance of data when determining which sales techniques to use for each product or service.

There are several ways to obtain data about your customers, but the two most effective methods are surveys and research tests.

Surveys ask questions related to what types of content users enjoy the most (e.g., articles, blogs, videos), what they like about using your app/software, etc.

Research tests change people’s perceptions by having them do something different than usual during their visit to your website. For example, if visitors click on a free download, then they might be directed to a survey instead to help them try out the software.

The more information you have about your audience, the better decision you can make regarding appropriate sales techniques.

Create a product for people rather than products for businesses

In his excellent book “Authenticity”, Jaynie Johnson tells a story about how she changed the way her company created videos to focus on being more authentic.

They had been using much higher-paid professionals to create these videos they were selling, but nobody was really investing any time in them. So, Jeebie decided to try something different – she would create some videos herself.

She started by scripting a few ideas and talking them out with friends and family who also helped make it more realistic. Once all the pieces were in place, she sent out a plea via their social media channels asking for volunteers to help with a test run of one of their best videos.

To their surprise, several people donated money to pay for her video. Since there were no instructions as to what should be done with the video (be sure to watch until the end!), everyone contributed content which added to the original script and extended it further.

By the second week, the channel began to pick up steam and within a month, there were over 100,000 views and increasing every day. People told others about the video and then word spread. Within four months, the video reached half a million hits.

Heck, maybe we won’t need professional copywriters after all!

Get started using content marketing

Content is what helps build your audience’s confidence in you and your business. When you write an article, talk about a topic you know they’re interested in, call it tips to help them learn something new, or share a resource with them, that’s content.

Content is key to connect with people beyond just selling them stuff.

You can be more persuasive as a writer than as a salesman. Think about it – you are telling someone something interesting on a personal level.

You are sharing something that you believe is important to them or that you have tried yourself.

That is why they are listening to you, not because you bought them a car. It is how you present information that matters.

Content connects writing to readers and businesses directly.

If you want others to create content for you, you need to give them helpful resources to do so (and relevant material for their subject matter).

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