Xbox Series X Marketing Strategy

With every new console generation, there are always people who want to put down the old system and buy the newer one. This is especially true with the PlayStation 4’s current gen run!

With that being said, Microsoft has some very interesting marketing strategies they use for their latest console launch.

Many of these strategies have to do with how much content and games they include in the launch lineup. By including lots of content, it creates an environment where gamers will pick up the new console because they need to have more gaming tools.

By including many great games, potential buyers are drawn to the systems value which can be seen by the price tag. If you add all this content and value to your launch line-up, then it helps create momentum towards sales.

Create marketing videos

After launching the most popular console of all time, the PlayStation 4, Sony quickly found itself in need of new ways to market the next generation system.

The company launched its own YouTube channel back in May 2016, but it was only accessible to those with premium subscriptions or as an audience member.

Since then, however, the channel has seen its viewership increase dramatically, passing the one billion views milestone just over two years later.

Now, almost every video on the channel is related to either games, entertainment, technology, or fitness. The channel even features several how-to videos for aspiring YouTubers!

But what makes these videos work so well is that they are designed to appeal directly to whoever watches them – not just gamers.

These types of videos can actually be quite entertaining to anyone else, especially if you enjoy watching TV, movies, exploring new gadgets, or learning about health and wellness.

They also help promote both Microsoft’s and Sony’s products by associating them with something people know how to enjoy already.

Create promotional materials

xbox series x marketing strategy

A great way to promote any product is by creating promotional material or advertisements for the product. This could be an online article, a flyer, t-shirt, etc. That material can be framed and displayed either globally (on your website and other websites) or only locally (only visible within your own domain).

That’s what companies do it – they create marketing material and spread them across the internet to get more exposure for their products. The same thing can you! You are already reading this article proof that people are sharing their knowledge with others.

By promoting Microsoft’s new console through various media types, they have given value to someone else’s site/article/video and in turn earned back advertising revenue via sponsored links and ads.

Distribute promotional materials

xbox series x marketing strategy

As mentioned before, marketing is an important part of any successful business. This includes promoting your product via social media, word-of-mouth, advertisements, etc. For gaming companies, this means distributing game merchandise such as t shirts, hats, or sweatshirts to spread their brand message.

For Microsoft, one of their biggest messages is supporting gamers by giving them access to the best equipment. They use this gear to interact with other people about how great they are while also showing off the quality of their products.

By having lots of games and consoles, people will be drawn to check out what you have to offer! That is why it is so crucial for Microsoft to promote their console frequently.

They do this mostly through social media advertising, blogs, and videos. People see these ads and read these articles often, which helps boost interest in the system.

Create a website

xbox series x marketing strategy

After talking about what makes the new console special, create an interesting webpage that will tell your audience more about it! Yours can be a site with pictures or videos of the system, along with information such as features, price, and where to find one for purchase.

Your page should include the System Overview, Systems Benefits, Specification, Features, Pricing, Return Policies, And More!”

Interpretation: This is a very important part of marketing any product. Make sure you highlight all of the qualities of the product and why they are worth buying. It is similar to how sellers market products at home improvement stores and furniture boutiques — everything is shown fully so people can get all the info they need before making a decision.

In this case, the benefits have to do with the technology and feature set of the game console. People who know video games already may feel confident in investing in the system, while those who don’t yet may learn something from the quality of content available.

Purchase ads

xbox series x marketing strategy

Advertising is one of the most important strategies for any business, and that includes gaming companies! When it comes to marketing an interactive media device like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, advertisements are very much focused on buying the console new.

That’s totally understandable as marketers want people to spend money, but there are better ways to promote your product while still sticking to the same principle.

The first way is by promoting other products in the market that match with yours. For example, if you sell tabletop games, you could advertise board game nights at your restaurant/bar or public events such as a movie theater where people can watch movies and play tabletop games.

This would be similar to what we were talking about before when I mentioned using social media to grow your brand. By giving other people value, they will talk about you and your company which then gets “liked” and shared all over the place. More exposure = more traffic = more sales.

Another way to use advertising effectively is to create content that others will find interesting or useful. If you have a cooking show, you could make YouTube videos related to healthy eating, recipes, or anything food-related. Or maybe you could do a how-to video on making pasta dishes?

Whatever you choose to produce, make sure it’s relevant and interesting so your viewers will keep watching and possibly even share the material with their friends.

Distribute game samples

xbox series x marketing strategy

One of the most important things that Microsoft can do to promote their new console is give people a chance to try it out for themselves. By allowing users to play some games, they will be able to form an opinion about whether or not they want to invest in the system.

For example, one must remember how Nintendo’s Wii U suffered from poor sales before the company launched the much more successful Switch. The very reason why the Switch was so successful was because it gave people a way to enjoy gaming without making a large investment.

The same thing applies here — if someone loves playing action-packed shooters then the Xbox Series X could win them over as a next generation platform. People will have access to such games via the launch lineup which includes popular titles like Gears 5 and Forza Horizon 4!

However, there are many other genres available including RPGs and adventure games, just like with the current gen consoles. These types of games typically cost less than $20 to purchase alone.

Offer a demo

xbox series x marketing strategy

One of the biggest reasons people give for not buying an item is because they can’t try it out first. If you are thinking about getting an Xbox, then you should definitely look into whether or not there are any local events where someone else has one and you could use that to determine if this is right for you!

Most retailers will have event listings online so you can check in on what events are happening around your area at different times. You can also visit their websites to see if there are any demos being given away during these events.

If you do manage to get yourself a chance to play an Xbox One before you buy, then make sure to bring along some test games as well! Most gamers have at least one game that they own that they never actually play due to them being either outdated (i.e. new generation) or just not feeling like something to watch right now.

Offer a discount

xbox series x marketing strategy

This is one of the most effective ways to win customers for your business or product. A lot of people spend money on gadgets, so offering an incredible deal can be very tempting for someone looking to upgrade their console.

A common tactic that companies use to draw in new users is a monthly subscription service. This way, they do not have to buy the device up front but can pay per month instead.

By doing this, you will save lots of money by buying only what you need for the same price as purchasing it all at once!

This will help your company stay competitive and afford durable products.

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