Your Step-by-Step Guide to Onboarding with

Welcome to, where we make SEO not just smart, but intuitive. We understand that diving into a new platform can be overwhelming, especially when it involves technical steps. Fear not! We’ve put together a straightforward guide to help you seamlessly onboard with us.

Creating a WordPress User for

To ensure we can optimize your website effectively, we need you to create a new WordPress user for us. Here's how to do it:

  1. Log In to Your WordPress Dashboard Start by logging into your website's WordPress dashboard using your admin credentials. This is usually
  2. Navigate to Users On the left-hand side menu, find the ‘Users’ tab and select ‘Add New.’ This will take you to the ‘Add New User’ page.
  3. Enter User Details Here, you'll need to input the following details:
    • Username: Choose a username for us; it could be something like "YourWebsiteName Staff Writer". Remember this user will show up as an author, so make sure it is visually something that matches your website's brand.
    • Email: Use our support email, which is
  4. Set the Role to Author This is important: select ‘Author’ from the dropdown menu. This role allows us to access all the necessary areas of your site to implement SEO strategies without giving us too much access to edit or delete anything on your ite.
  5. Generate the Password WordPress will automatically generate a strong password. You don’t need to note this down, as you won’t send it directly to us for security reasons.
  6. Send us the password After clicking the ‘Add New User’ button at the bottom, WordPress should send an email to us with the login details. But please also send us a separate email with the log in information just to be sure. This will make sure that we get your site integrated as quickly as possible!

About The Author

Ben Heckler
A former professional musician who played in some of Europe’s top venues, Ben recognized his true calling after starting a music blog built on some of Juice's early technology. Leveraging SEO best practices and analyzing traffic trends Ben now employs his skills to help other businesses grow their monthly traffic and increase their revenue. Ben is responsible for managing Juice's technical and operational teams.
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