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As we mentioned before, not every business has the chance to experience the same level of success as others. This includes the size of their market, how well they cater to that market, and whether or not they have enough money to keep up with constant growth.

For some businesses, though, this just doesn’t matter much. They’re too focused on creating an atmosphere where they can enjoy what they do for it to be influenced by financial situations.

And while that may seem like a downside, it actually creates quite the opposite effect — they don’t need to worry about keeping up with the competition because there isn’t any!

It’s almost like they were designed to succeed without anyone else around them. That’s why they continue to thrive even when you’ve got nothing extra to spend.

Examples of recurring revenue

Many companies use recurring billing as a source of income! This is when you pay for an item or service on a regular basis. Some examples include monthly subscriptions to fitness programs, Netflix, Amazon Prime, computer software, and so on.

Many large corporations have internal systems that allow employees to access paid services such as Slack, Microsoft Office, and YouTube via their employee accounts.

These are all types of recurring revenue that work in favor of this article’s assertion!

For example, if someone wanted to watch some Youtube content they could start with a free trial before paying yearly for a premium subscription.

By offering users this option, you create more exposure for your product and potential customers can get the same benefits you do without having to purchase anything extra-service related.

This article will talk about how to leverage recurrent revenues in your business and what products show how well it works.

Definition and characteristics of different types of recurring revenue

zoom recurring revenue

What is recurrent income? Or, more accurately, what is “recurrent” about this type of income is that it keeps coming in consistently, every month or quarter without much variation.

A great example of this are subscriptions. You have probably subscribed to at least one website using their subscription service model. This includes services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube (to name a few). I know I have mentioned these sites before in other articles!

This article series will focus mostly on how to start a successful online business through blogging. Therefore, we will be talking about the best ways to launch your own food blogger site and earn money via blogs.

How to establish and keep a recurring revenue relationship

zoom recurring revenue

One of the biggest challenges for most businesses is establishing and keeping an appropriate level of service engagement. This challenge is even more prominent in industries that rely heavily on customer relationships, such as marketing or education.

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking they can just use “hard skills” (technical expertise) to win new customers over, but this isn’t a good tactic unless you happen to be very skilled at what you do.

It is much better to instead focus on building trust by showing up every day with your best effort, and then hope the rest takes care of itself. Your colleagues will take notice and eventually give you credit for it.

Sample contract templates

zoom recurring revenue

Many business owners start their own digital marketing companies by offering other people’s services as part of their business model. This is typically through free websites or online tools that they use to grow their brand, launch new products, or generate income.

By offering these services to your audience for free, you create a source of recurring revenue. By charging a small monthly fee for access to some of these resources, you have also opened up a way to make money from them.

There are several ways to go about this. You can either sell additional services directly, produce your own content that others can add onto, or both.

Selling additional services

Is there something else you could offer people as part of their subscription? For example, if you have a paid tool for managing social media accounts, what about creating an Instagram profile? Or would it be possible to hire you to do that for them?

You could easily add those features to their account at no cost, which would then earn you more revenue per subscriber. If you're already providing a service, think about how you could better fulfill someone's needs and get more out of them with your expertise.

Companies come and go, so being able to one-up yourself is important. Find things you're doing well and see whether there's anything different you could do to make it more effective.

Create a recurring revenue business

zoom recurring revenue

Running your own business comes with its share of responsibilities, but one thing is for sure – you will always have a place to live. With most businesses requiring at least part-time work, there’s always someone else to cover for you. Or you can outsource some or all of it!

Most entrepreneurs start off offering their services full time before scaling down as they grow. This is totally normal!

It’s important to remember that even though you may not see steady income your job as entrepreneur includes staying busy and constantly improving yourself. Your success does too.

Running your own company also requires learning new skills and developing relationships. Both are hard, but necessary if you want to keep growing.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they cannot afford to run a business because they don’t have lots of money to invest in startup materials and fees.

But here’s what many beginners don’t realize – you CAN create a business model that doesn’t require large initial investments. In fact, you can pick up essential tools and resources free from other entrepreneurialists.

And while investing in expensive software and equipment may initially seem like a necessity, you won’t know whether these apps and gadgets are worth buying until you try them. Many small business owners find themselves wasting money due to investment costs.

Identify your recurring revenue opportunities

zoom recurring revenue

While most businesses have not transitioned into a model that relies heavily on repeat business, there are still many ways to capitalize on this crucial piece of income for your business.

Recurring revenue comes in several forms, such as monthly subscriptions, yearly memberships, or even a one-time payment for a service.

The key is finding ways to add value beyond just buying a product or service every time someone buys it. This way, they’ll keep coming back!

For example, if you sell books, offer a free book to people who subscribe to your reading newsletter. Or give them away through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

You can also run special promotions, such as offering half off all purchases for a week or giving away an extra prize with each purchase.

These types of sales do not require you to advertise about them, because you include the cost of the item being sold within the sale.

Outline the key elements of your business plan

zoom recurring revenue

As mentioned before, recurring revenue is just that-revenue that keeps coming in consistently. This article will discuss some important points about how to achieve this for your business.

First, you need to know what services or products your business offers that can generate recurring income.

You can offer monthly memberships to an online journal site, for example, or a yearly membership to a fitness program. Or maybe you have a software product that users pay per month!

These types of businesses have a constant source of income because there is always something people are paying to use their service or buy their product.

The hardest part about creating and achieving recurring revenue is knowing when it’s time to stop offering the service or product that generated the money. You must be able to identify this KIIS (keepin’ it simple)!

Also, make sure to keep up with all of the different apps, sites, and programs that your current customers are using to access your service/product. By staying informed as to what they are needing, you will be better prepared to develop new relationships and opportunities by providing them what they want.

Develop your company's marketing strategy

zoom recurring revenue

The second way to create recurring revenue is through the development of your company’s marketing strategy or approach. You can develop products and services that feed off each other, or you can take advantage of how people interact with each other in our over-connected culture and make money by serving as a go-to source for information, answers, or solutions.

This isn't necessarily making a product, it can be providing a service — something people are willing to pay for. For example, someone might hire your business to do research studies for their organization. They'll keep paying you for the rest of eternity because you're a reliable source of knowledge, information, and expertise.

The key here is to have fun with it! Creating new products and strategies is what companies that thrive do. They're able to turn small ideas into larger projects due to the income they earn from creating more of these products and strategies.

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